13 vs 15 Inch Trailer Tires – The Main Differences

Want to know 13 vs 15 Inch Trailer Tires? What wheel size is right for your trailer? Can you use 13-inch tires instead of 15 and vice versa? Well, there are so many heated questions when it comes to trailer tires. Some RV owners swear by 13-inch tires while others by 15-inch tires.

Both of these tire sizes have their advantages and disadvantages. It is good to compare them first before you decide which tire size is right for your trailer. In this guide, I will take you through a detailed comparison of 13 vs 15-inch trailer tires to help you make a wise decision. Let’s dig deeper!

What is the difference between 13 vs 15 inch trailer tires

13 vs 15 Inch Trailer Tires

There are several differences between 13-inch and 15-inch trailer tires. The most obvious difference is their size. 13-inch tires are smaller than 15-inch tires.

Another notable difference between the two tires is the price. 13-inch tires cost less than 15-inch trailer tires. You can easily find 13-inch tires on the market. The smaller tires are also lightweight which makes them best if you are towing a smaller vehicle.

What you need to know is that the small tires have a short lifespan compared to the big tires because they are not for tough terrains. When it comes to 15-inch tires, they are expensive, work better on rough roads and the tires are durable.

These tires are great for carrying bulky loads and they are heavier compared to 13-inch tires. Therefore, towing these large tires on a small vehicle is hard.

Lastly, 15-inch trailer tires offer high-speed rating than their 13-inch counterparts. Therefore, they can ride at higher speeds while maintaining both stability and traction.

Here Is a quick comparison Table of 13-inch and 15-inch trailer tires

Feature13 Inch Tires15 Inch Tires
SizeSmall in sizeLarge in size
PriceAffordable priceExpensive than 13 inch
WeightLightweightHeavier than 13 inch
DurabilityLess durableThey last longer
SuitabilityGood for paved roadsGreat for tough terrains
SpeedLow speed ratingHigher speed rating
Diameter24 inches27 inches
Load capacity1710 lbs2150 lbs

Advantages of 13-inch trailer tires

The regular trailer tires are 12 inch. However, many trailer owners prefer 13-inch tires because they are easier to use on campsites with gravel. 13-inch trailer tires have a large diameter, and this makes it simple to drive while getting a better grip.

The benefit of using wider tires is the better grip they offer on roads, hence making your rides comfortable. These tires are a perfect solution if you want affordable and durable tires. 13-inch tires are available from a wide range of brands, so they can be easily accessed.

Most of the 13-inch tires you will find on the market have deeper tread patterns to improve traction and excellent grip. This makes it convenient for use in snow and wet conditions compared to tires with shallow treads.

Advantages of 15-inch trailer tires

Larger tires have their pros and cons as well. For instance, they come in handy when you need to carry heavy loads. Many users prefer larger tires because of their higher weight capacity and quality rides.

Wider and larger tires are great because they provide stability hence smoother rides since they don’t feel the bumps. The only downside of larger tires is the price.

Which size is right for you?

Several factors determine which tire size is good for your trailer. For instance, you need to think about the size of the trailer you have. Is it a smaller trailer or a bigger trailer?

For smaller trailers, 13-inch tires are great. But for a bigger trailer, you need 15-inch tires because the trailers carry more weight. Another factor that can help you choose the right tire is the terrain. If you use your trailer on paved roads, a 13-inch tire size will work better.

However, if you use your trailer on rough terrains, 15-inch tires will work better because you need more stability and traction on such terrains. So, depending on your situation, you can explore the pros and cons of both tire sizes and pick the most suitable one for you.

Can I use 15-inch tires instead of 13?

It is possible to use wheels of different sizes on a trailer but this is not a good idea. Why? Using different wheel sizes can lead to towing problems. If you want to do that, ensure the smaller tire is in front for stability purposes.

How much weight can a 13-inch trailer tire hold?

A 13-inch trailer tire can hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 1,710 lbs. However, this depends on the air pressure in it and the type of tire. It is good to check the manual to find the ideal weight recommendation for your 13-inch tire.

How fast can you pull a trailer with 15-inch tires?

There is no direct answer to this question because some variables affect the speed at which you can pull a trailer with 15-inch wheels. For instance, consider the size of the vehicle and its power. The larger and the more powerful the track, the faster you will be able to pull.

What can happen if I put 15″ tires on a 13″ rim car?

This is impossible to do because 15-inch tires cannot fit in 13-inch rims. The two are incompatible and this can only happen if both rims are 15 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy 13-inch trailer tires?

13-inch trailer tires are a good option if you are looking for affordable and durable trailer tires.

Is it better to choose bigger or smaller trailer tires?

Bigger tires are better because they increase traction but they also come at a high price. Determine if you want to settle for the price or size.

How do trailer tires differ from regular tires?

Trailer tires are designed with thicker sidewalls to enable them to bear heavier loads and prevent swaying on the road

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If you are looking for the right tire size for your trailer, the most common options you will find are 13-inch and 15-inch. Understanding the pros and cons of each is crucial to help you choose the right size.

Choosing the right tire size depends on the tips I have covered above.  After comparing the two, I would recommend 15-inch trailer tires because they handle more weight, have higher speed, have longer tread life, and are great for rough terrains.

On the downside, the tires are expensive. But if you need affordable tires which are easy to access, 13-inch tires are great.

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