205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 Tire Size: In-Detail Comparison

The most important aspect of replacing a tire is ensuring that it fits properly on the vehicle. Here, the size of the tires is a common point of focus. This can become complicated when comparing two tires with different aspect ratios but similar widths – like 205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 tire size.

Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss each and every detail between 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tire sizes.

205/55r16 vs 205/60r16 tire size: First Comparison Chart

205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 Tire Size

What is the difference between 205 55R16 and 215 60r16? Here is a chart that shows the most important differences between the two tires. Have a quick look.

Features205 55r16205 60r16
Features205 55r16205 60r16
Overall Diameter24.88 inches25.69 inches
Circumference 78.16 inches80.69 inches
Section Width8.07 inches8.07 inches
Rim Diameter16 inches16 inches
Sidewall Height 4.44 inches4.84
Construction TypeRadialRadial
Revs Per Mile810.68785.21
Aspect ratio5560
Approved Rim Width5.5-7.5 inches5.5-7.5
Radius12.44 inches12.845
Tire Pressure (PSI)30 36
Speedometer Reading1010.32

Detailed comparison of 205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 tire size

In the previous portion you have seen a comparative chart of the most important factors. Here is the detailed of those factors between 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tire size. Read thoroughly.

Overall Diameter

  • The overall diameter of a tire can be figured out by measuring the tire’s outer edge in the middle of the tread.
  • As large the diameter is, it highly impacts fuel efficiency, tire wear, grip and handling.

When it comes to the performance of any vehicle, tire diameter is a paramount factor. A 205 55r16 has an overall diameter of 24.88 inches, while 205 60r16 measures 25.69 inches, a difference of only 0.81 inches. Even though the difference is very slight, it can affect how your car handles and grips the road.


  • The circumference of a tire directly influences the accuracy of both speedometer and odometer readings.

The 205 55r16 tire has a circumference of 79.16 inches. On the other hand, the 205 60r16 tire is 2.53 inches larger with a circumference of 80.68 inches. So there is a notable difference between the two tires that shows quite an impact on the speed count.

Section Width

  • The section width has a huge impact on vehicle handling.
  • Although wider tire gives a smooth riding experience on all roads, the vehicles run quite slow due to the additional rolling resistance.

There is no difference in section width between 205 55r16 r16 and 205 60r16 tires. Both have the same width of 8.07 inches (205 mm). So, in case of smooth running, both tires give the same performance. However, other areas, such as grip, fuel economy etc., may show slight differences due to their overall diameter not being an exact match.

Rim Diameter

  • The outer dimension of the wheel, otherwise known as rim size, is essential for determining which tire should be mounted on it.
  • The rim size of the tire has an influence on the lifespan of the tire.

Regardless of the tire you choose to install, the wheel diameter will remain consistent at 16 inches since both 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tires have a rim size of 16 inches.

Sidewall Height

  • Sidewall height is the measurement from the edge of the tire to the point of tread and sidewall.
  • With a higher sidewall, you can even drive smoothly on bumpy roads, but you might feel a sort of vibration on the rough road when driving at max speed.

The 205 55r16 tire size displays a sidewall height of 4.44 inches. But the more substantial 205 60r16 tire size has a 0.40-inch larger sidewall height of 4.82 inches.

Tire Construction Type

  • Tire type means the way in which the tire is constructed.

The 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tires are both radial construction types, so there is no difference between them in this regard.

Revs Per Mile (RPM)

  • RPM (Revolutions Per Mile) indicates the number of times a tire must rotate in order to travel one mile.
  • As lower the RPM is, the more fuel efficiency you will get.

The 205 55r16 tire has a Revs Per Mile (RPM) rating of 810.68, while the 205 60r16 tire boasts an impressive RPM rating of 785.21 – that’s a reduction of 25.47 revs per mile. In other words, it means that the 205 60r16 is more fuel efficient than its counterpart. Also, it will cover the same distance as a result of fewer rotations and less wear-and-tear on your vehicle.

Aspect Ratio

  • A tire’s aspect ratio describes how tall its sidewalls are in proportion to its surface width.
  • Larger aspect ratios give extra grip on wet roads and have more lifespan.

In the case of aspect ratio, between 205 55r16 and 205 60r16, there is a difference of 5%. Where 205 55r16 has an aspect ratio of 55%, 205 60r16 has an aspect ratio of 60%. So, the latter one offers more grip on wet roads.

Approved Rim Width

  • To ensure a safe ride, mount the tire on its approved rim width according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The approved rim width of both 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tires is 5.5-7.5 inches. So, you can install both tires on the same rim width.


  • The tire radius is half of its diameter.
  • It is a measure from the centre to the outer edge.

The 205 55r16 tire’s radius is 12.44 inches, while the 260 55r16 tire has a larger radius of 12.845 inches – that’s only a 0.405-inch difference! This minimal difference can have an impact on the traction and running condition of your tires due to their total diameter change.

Tire Pressure

  • Tire pressure is the maximum air pressure a tire can have.

The 205 55r16 tire size is limited to 30 PSI, while the other in the same category allows for a higher maximum pressure of 36 PSI. This difference could influence not only its load capacity but also your safety. With 6 extra psi, you can have more control and grip on any given road surface.

Speedometer Reading

  • The tire speedometer reading is a measured value of the speed at which a vehicle is running.

The 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tires differ in the speedometer reading by 3.2%. In simpler terms, when a car is driving at 10 km/h with a set of 205 55r16 tires, the same car equipped with 205 60r16 would be moving at around 10.32km/h – that’s 0.32 km/h more than before.

205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 tire size: 2nd Comparison Chart

There are some other noticeable differences between the 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tire sizes. In this section, we will show them in another chart.

Features205 55r16205 60r16
Load Capacity 1356 lbs1389 lbs
Typical weight 20.6 kg20.7 kg
Tread Depth9.08.5
Grip on roadEffective on all roadsEffective on all roads
Speed rating240 kph for V series240 kph for v series
ClearanceStatic+10.00 mm
Traction rating AA
Tire PriceDependsDepends

More Details Of 205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 tire size 

Here are the details of the above mentioned differences between the 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tire sizes. 

Load Capacity

  • A tire’s load capacity is the heaviest weight it can reliably endure.
  • To ascertain the load capacity, you must fill your tire to its approved pressure and run it at top speed.

The 205 60r16 tire has a notable advantage in load capacity over the 205 55r16, boasting a higher 1389 lbs rating compared to its counterpart’s 1356 lb limit. Due to the additional 22 lbs load capacity, the 205 60r16 tire size can more easily carry heavier loads.

Typical Weight 

  • Typical tire weight means the weight of the tire without any load.
  • A tire’s weight impacts fuel efficiency.

The 205 55r16 tire has an average weight of 20.6 kg, with the slightly heftier 205 60r16 model weighing in at a minuscule 0.1 kilograms more, that’s just 20.7 kg. For being lighter, 205 55r16 is slightly fuel efficient.

Tread Depth

  • A tire’s tread depth is calculated by measuring the vertical difference between the highest and lowest tread pattern points.

The 205 55r16 tire size provides an extra 0.5 inch of tread depth, compared to the 205 60r16’s 8.5 inches, resulting in improved contact with roads.

Grip on road

  • The width of your tire and the surface you’re riding on are equally crucial for a reliable grip.
  • The wider the tire, the more grip it has on the road – but inversely, its speed will be slower.

205 55r 16 and 205 60r16, both tires are similarly wide, that’s 8.07 inches (205 mm). With equal width, both tires will run the same smoothly on different road conditions.

Speed rating

  • The speed rating of any tire is measured from the identical letter of its model.

Here is a chart of tire speed ratings:

Identical Letter
Speed in kmh
Speed in mph

The 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tires have a shared speed rating of ‘V’, which indicates their capacity to reach speeds up to 240 km/h. This makes them equal in terms of maximum speed performance despite the fact that slight differences, such as the load capacity for both tires, are not equal. The 205 55r16 91V tire has a load index of 91, whereas the 205 60r16 92V tire has a load index of 92.

Ground Clearance

  • Ground clearance is the distance between the bottom of your car and the ground.

If you are replacing your 205 55r16 tires with the set of 205 60r16 tires, the ground clearance will be increased by about 10.00 mm. The higher ground clearance will be helpful in improving the car’s performance on uneven terrain or potholes.

Traction rating

  • Traction rating means the ability of a tire to stop, accelerate and turn in different weather conditions.

Here, 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 both tire has the same traction rating of A in all weather. That means both tires will offer the same traction, no matter the weather.

Tire Price

  • Price is the factor of affordability.

The price of the 205 55r16 tire starts from $47.99, whereas the 205 55r16 tire’s price starts from $61.53.

As you see, the 205 55r16 tire is slightly more affordable than the 205 60r16. However, considering factors such as load capacity and speedometer reading, the 205 60r16 might be a better choice for you. It all depends upon your needs and personal preference.

Can I use 205 60 r16 instead of 205 55 r16?

Yes, you can choose the 205 60r16 tire size instead of the 205 55r16 size. Although the difference is nominal, you will still experience more comfort and fuel efficiency in return for a few extra dollars. It is worth making this investment as it will ultimately provide an improved driving experience.

The main plus point is that neither you have to change the rim nor compromise on performance, but the only downside is that the top speed of your car will be slower. So, if you are looking for a more comfortable and fuel-efficient ride without compromising on performance, then the 205 60r16 is a great alternative to the 205 55r16 tires. Don’t forget to check the vehicle’s capability. Check out these capable vehicles for 205/55R16 and 205/60R16 tires.

205 55r16 vs 205 60r16 tire size: which one lasts longer?

As you can see, both the 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 have the same traction rating, that is, “A.” So from that angle, both tires will provide you with the same performance on different roads and weather conditions. But, if you look at the RPM, you can see that the 205 60r16 has a slightly lower RPM than the 205 55r16 tire size, which in turn means it will last longer and wear less.

So, if you want a tire that has better longevity, you should opt for the 205 60r16 tire size.

Our Recommendation

Both the 205 55r16 tire and the 205 60r16 tire have separate usages. The 205/60R16 tire is a great choice if you want a more comfortable ride and better mileage. This is because it has a higher aspect ratio and a larger overall diameter. Also, its RPMs are very low, which makes it more reliable and efficient, which impacts speedometer reading.

On the other hand, 205 55r16 is a great option if you want an affordable tire with less ground clearance. So, it depends on your requirements and preferences. You can choose either one according to your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 205 60 r16 mean on a tire?

205/60R16 refers to the tire size. The first three numbers – 205, 60 and 16 – refer to the width, aspect ratio and rim size, respectively. In simpler terms, a 205/60R16 tire is a tire that has a width of 205 mm, an aspect ratio of 60% and fits onto a 16-inch rim.

What does the “R” mean in tire size?

The letter “R” in a tire size means “Radial.” Radial tires are constructed differently than bias-ply tires and are the most common type of tire used on passenger vehicles today. This means that they have radial cords made of steel wires that run from the bead of the tire to the tread.


In conclusion, the 205 55r16 and 205 60r16 tires are quite similar in terms of the section width, speed rating, and traction rating. However, overall diameter, RPM, load capacity, tire weight and speedometer reading differ.

The 205 60r16 is slightly more expensive than the 205 55r16 tire but offers better performance. It all depends upon your needs and preferences – so make sure to take into account all the important factors before making your selection.

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