205 75r14 vs 215 75r14 Tire: What are the Differences?

In most of the cases we use 205 75r14 and 215 75r14 tires in our vehicle, but do we know the basic differences between 205 75r14 vs 215 75r14 tire? It makes confusion and we most of the time chose the wrong one.

But you do not need to take any more hassle, we will here discuss the whole matter in some easy steps and you will get the point.

The basic difference between these two tires are quite identical. From 205/75r14 vs 215/75r14, one is larger and other is smaller. The basic difference can be seen from the size and model number.

If we want to explain it in easy words, one is 205mm and the other is 215mm sizes. Now you can understand the difference here! Hang on with us and have more details.

What type of tire 205 75r14 In Inches is?

Now we will know some basic information about 205/75r14 tires. It is a common tire size for cars and other vehicles, it has a diameter of 26.1 inches, where the wheel diameter is 14 inches and the section width is 8.1 inches.

There are also some more features like 773 revolutions per mile and a circumference of 82.0 inches. But where did the 205 come from? It is the 205 mm rim size, where we can fit this tire easily.

These are smaller car and vehicle tires that come with rim size of 205 mm will require these 205/75r14 tires. These will fit on 5 inches to 7 inches wide wheels. These are approved sizes, so we can use it without any hesitation.

What type of tire 215 75r14 In Inches is?

The 215/75r14 tire is a bit different from the other one. Here we will share the specification for your easy understanding. These tires have a diameter of 26.7 inches, the wheel diameter is 14 inches, the section width is 8.5 inches. You can use this tire smoothly on your 215 mm rim, it is made for the purpose.

Yes, it is right, we have to measure the tire size based on the first number of the tire model number. The 215/75r14 tire starts with a 215 at the beginning and here we can easily find the size of the rim.

Also this tire comes with 756 revolutions per mile and there you will get the circumference of 83.8 inches. Here this tire is made for 5.5 inches to 7 inches wide wheels. So, now you can choose the right tire for you.

What are the differences between 205/75r14 vs 215/75r14?

205 75r14 vs 215 75r14 Tire

We will tell you that we can see two basic differences between these two tires, 205/75r14 and 215/75r14. We will now discuss all the factors that will tell us about these two tires 205/75r14 and 215/75r14 So, let’s first check out the chart below and then we will discuss in detail.

Tire Size205 mm215 mm10 mm
Section Width8.1 inches8.5 inches0.4 inches
Rim Diameter14 inches14 inchesSame size
Rim Width5-7 inches5.5-7 inches0.5 inches
Overall Diameter26.1 inches26.7 inches0.6 inches
Revolution per Mile77375617
Sidewall height6.1 inches6.3 inches0.2 inches
Circumference82 inches83.2 inches1.2 inches

We will now discuss here point by point to understand the structural and feature based differences for your easy understanding.

Firstly, 205/75r14 is for 205 mm tire size and 215/75r14 is for 215 mm tire size. So, we have to match the tires with the respective size of rim. Here two tire size is identically different and you cannot set one with the other size of rim.

Secondly , the section width between these two tires are also different, 205/75r14 tire section width is 8.1 inches 215/75r14 tire section width is 8.5 inches.

Thirdly, if we closely look at the rim diameter of these two tires, we will see that the rim size is same as 14 inches. So, it will fit to this size of rim easily but the external size of the tire is different.

Fourthly, the wheel size is also different for these tires. The 205/75r14 tire is perfect for 5 inches to 7 inches wide rims, on the other hand the 215/75r14 tire is good for 5.5 inches to 7 inches wide rims.

Fifthly, the tire sizes are different, here 205/75r14 tires are 26.1 inches in diameter and 215/75r14 are 0.6 inches bigger in size. It is 26.7 inches in size. So, we can find the difference by looking at the tires. It will help us to identify easily. From this measurement we can get an idea about 215/75r14 and 205/75r14 height. 

Sixthly, we will tell you that the revolutions of these two tires are different. 205/75r14 tires have 773 and 215/75r14 tires have 756. Based on this we can also assess the longability here. Now we know the major differences.

Seventhly, we can see that the sidewall size are all different from one another. 205/75r14 tire sizewall is 6.1 inches and for 215/75r14 tire the sizewall is 6.3 inches high. It symbolizes that the tire model and the other specifications are quite different. So, based on our rim size and requirements we can easily select the tires.

Finally, 205/75r14 tires have 82 inches of circumference but the 215/75r14 tires have 83.2 inches circumference. So, the 215/75r14 tire is bigger in shape and will give more mileage for external larger size on the road. According to the front or rear wheel you can get one of these.

Here we can easily see that the 205/75r14 tire is smaller than the 215/75r14 tire. So, we can understand the difference and can easily choose for our vehicle.

Load  Capacity and performance of these tires will give more ideas for proper selection, so lets have some discussion on it.

Load Capacity 6- ply tire2040 lbs1870 lbs205/75r14 tire can carry more load
Flat Road & HighwayGoodGoodBoth performs well
OffroadAverageGood215/75r14 tire performs better

If we discuss the load capacity of these two tires, 205/75r14 tire vs 215/75r14 tire we can easily see that 205/75r14 tire can carry more loads. These are generally used on the rear wheel of car, microbus, delivery van, boat trailer and other vehicles.So, it is a practice to use 205/75r14 tire on rear wheel and 215/75r14 tire on front wheel.

Performance is another major issue that we face while using tires. We have to suit the right kind of rim for these tires but we will now know about the performance issues.

So, we can see that if we are talking about highways and general roads, we can easily rely on both 205/75r14 tires and 215/75r14 tires. But, in the case of off road and mountain areas, we cannot rely on 205/75r14 tires because these are good for heavy duty but not off road friendly.

From the aspect of comfort we can tell that you will get better comfort on riding with 215/75r14 tires, these are larger and wider. But, 205/75r14 tires are perfect for more load capacity. Here we have to consider many factors like vehicle type, road and other things to get the proper comfort. 

We have  discussed all the features and sides that identically make difference between these two tires, 205/75r14 vs 215/75r14. Now, you can easily select one according to your need.

205 75r14 vs 215 75r14 Tire: What are the benefits?

In reality the both tires are not the same, these are perfect size for cars and other vehicles. But the rim sizes are different. Also, we will see that the sidewall and width are also not the same. Now we will discuss the benefits of these tires.

205/75r14 tires are for:

  • Smaller size tire
  • Fits on 5 inches to 7 inches wheels
  • More revolution than 215/75r14 tires
  • Less circumference than 215/75r14 tires
  • Gives steady movement
  • Carries heavy load

When you use these 205/75r14 tires, you can carry a lot of load on these, such as the back tires of pickups, boat trailers, trailers are the right where you will get the right type of performance.

On the other hand, 215/75r14 tires are a bit different and those are:

  • Bigger size tire than 205/75r14 tires
  • Perfect for 5.5 inches to 7 inches tires.
  • More circumference than 205/75r14 tires.
  • Less revolution than 205/75r14 tires.

You can enjoy these  205/75r14 tires for wider wheels. Here you have to find the right vehicle to use these. We use vehicles that carry heavy loads, such as passenger cars, micro buses, delivery vans and trailers where we can use these tires without any second thought.

Both the tires 205/75r14 and 215/75r14 are for heavy duty use. You can choose anyone of these based on your wheel and rim size.

205/75r14 vs 215/75r14: Which one gives better road performance?

If we compare the both 205/75r14 and 215/75r14 tires, we will face different types of experience. On the road , both tires have good performance. If we want to talk about the difference and which one is better, we have to look at the individual performances.

Both of these tires are for heavy duty use, when you are driving a vehicle with much weight, you will need either 205/75r14 or 215/75r14. We will keep our focus on those vehicles that use two sizes of tires.

Yes, you will find cars, mini bus, pickup, delivery van, and trailers having two different types of tire set. The front wheel is larger and the rear wheel is smaller.

In the case of these wheels, 205/75r14 are perfect for rear wheels that will carry more load and will perform good in the long run. On the other hand, 215/75r14 are for front wheels that carry less weight and give better turning radius.

Here if we use 205/75r14 on the rear wheel and 215/75r14 tire on the front wheel then we will get the best performance. For any kind of size mismatches you will not be able to get the same performance.

Proper size is a great thing that we need to notice, here we will tell you that you have to look at the required tire size. If you see that your rim size is bigger then you may need to check it with 225/75r14 diameter or 235/75r14 diameter tires, that may solve your problems easily.

205 75r14 vs 215 75r14: Ground Clearance and Long drive feedback

205/75r14 and 215/75r14 are two different size tires, 205/75r14 is smaller in size and the 215/75r14 tire is bigger. 205/75r14 is 205mm rim size and the 215/75r14 tire is 215mm rim size.

So, when you ride with these tires you will get different types of ground clearance, such as 205/75r14  tires will have less height and the 215/75r14 will give a bit higher clearance. So, in case of speed breakers and off road driving 205/75r14 tires will not give any good experience.

In case of long drive experience you will find that, both the 205/75r14 and 215/75r14 are good for carrying weights. So, here we can enjoy a long drive on a flat road easily. For flat roads both tires are perfect for cruising and driving.

But, if we discuss the mountain and off-road driving then you will feel some rough experience with 205/75r14 tires, instead of 215/75r14, due to its smaller size you will face a shaky experience.

If we want to be tension free then 215/75r14 all terrain tires can be a good choice. You can use it on the front wheel, it will give proper grip, control and better performance.

We have discussed both 215/75r14 and 205/75r14 tires here, but there are all terrain versions of these both tires. You will not get better speed with these but the overall performance will be great.


Can I Use A 205 Tire Instead Of 215 Tire?

Frankly speaking, we cannot use a 215 tire instead of 205 tire, because the rim size is different. We cannot fit a 215mm tire on a 205mm rim.

Similarly, the wheel size is also different. 205 tires suit 5 inches to 7 inches wheels and 215 tires suit 5.5 inches to 7 inches wheels.

How Tall Is A 205 75 14 Inch Tire?

Generally it is a 205/75r14 tire that is 26.1 inches diameter, the section width is 8.1 inches. Due to the wheel diameter 14 inches the model number is 205/75r14.

How Tall Is A 215 75R14 Tire?

The 215 75R14 tire is just 1 inch bigger than the 205/75R14 tire. It is 26.7 inches in diameter and width is 8.1 inches. Most of the cases 215 75R14 tire is used as the front wheel.

Final Words

We have been talking about 205/75r14 vs 215/75r14 here in this article, so here you will get each and every information to find the right tire. Here you have to match the tire with your needs, only then you can find the perfect suit for your vehicle.

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