205 75r15 vs 215 75r15 Tire Size: Core Comparison

It is a very common fact that we get confused between two similar types of tires. Yes, we are talking about 205 75r15 vs 215 75r15 tire size here, but as usual we know that for sure there are some differences. We will talk about both of these tires in detail that will eliminate all the confusion here. 

In easy words 205 75r15 and 215 75r15 tires are perfect for cars, mini trucks and SUVs. These are made for better grip and engage more power in driving. But how? The issue is, not every car needs extra power, but muscle cars need it!

These are not racing cars, but we have heard about Dodge, Celica, Corvette, and other cars that come with better performance with these tires. So, we should not make any more delays, let’s have a clear picture about these two types of tires. Hang on with us!

core Comparison between 205/75r15 vs 215/75r15 tire size

205 75r15 vs 215 75r15 Tire Size

The main topic of today’s discussion is 205 75r15 versus 215 75r15 here, so we will first go by chart and then discuss the differences. Be sure, we will make it as easy as possible as we can get it right. Check the chart below for a detailed picture. 

Tire Size27.11 inches27.70 inches
Rim Diameter15 inches15 inches
Section Width8.07 inches8.46 inches
Sidewall height 6.05 inches6.35 inches
Overall Diameter27.11 inches27.70 inches
Rim Width205 mm215 mm
Revolution per Mile744.04728.17
Circumference85.16 inches87.1 inches
Load Capacity 6- ply tire1820 lbs1609 lbs
Speed Rating100 mph102.18 mph
Treadwear Rating4.64.6
Traction ScoreAAA
Temperature Score156 degree168 degree
Maximum Pressure36 psi36 psi
Flat Road & HighwayGoodGood

Tire Size

Based on the size, 205/75r15 is 27.11 inches and 215/75r15 is 27.70 inches. 215/75r15 is a bit larger than 205/75r15 and the difference is 0.59 inches, it is 2.2% larger. So, when you are choosing you can get 215/75r15 tires on the rear wheel and on mini trucks or SUVs. 

Rim Diameter

205/75r15 and 215/75r15 both tires fit on the same rim. The size is 15 inches, and we can set both the tires on this one, here you do not need to worry about fitting these at all. So, stay mentally free and get any one of these tires and use them smoothly. 

Tire Section Width

205/75r15 and 215/75r15 both tires have different section width, here you can see that 205/75r15 tire has section width 8.07 inches and 215/75r15 tire has 8.46 inches. The difference is 0.39 inches and the proportion is 4.9%. So, here we can see a big difference between the tire section width. 

Sidewall Height

205/75r15 tires sidewall height is 6.05 inches and 215/75r15 tires sidewall height is 6.35 inches. Here we can see the sidewall height is nearly similar with a slight difference of 0.3 inches. That is around 4.9% higher in case of 215/75r15 tires, so this tire can be a good fit as a rear tire. 

Overall Diameter

In both cases of 205/75r15 and 215/75r15 tyres the overall diameter is different. As we can notice that 205/75r15 tire overall diameter is 27.11 inches and on the other hand 215/75r15 tires have a total 27.70 inches diameter. We can easily choose the required model from both of these tires. 

Rim Width

The tire model numbers may seem similar, 205/75r15 and 215/75r15 but these are two different ones and the Rim width is mentioned in the model numbers.  205/75r15 tire rim width is 205 mm and the  215/75r15 tire rim width is 215 mm, so based on our rim size, we can pick any one of these. 

Revolution per mile

We know the revolution is more per mile when the wheel is smaller. the 205/75r15 tire is smaller than the 215/75r15 and the revolution is higher. 205/75r15 tire has 744.04 revolution per mile and 215/75r15 tire has 728.17 revolution, that is -15.86 revolution less than 205/75r15 tire. Generally 205/75r15 is used on the front wheel and 215/75r15 is used on the rear wheel. 


The calculation of circumference depends on the size of tire size, as we can see 205/75r15 tire is smaller and the circumference is 85.16 inches, on the other hand 215/75r15 tire has 1.86 inches more circumference and that is up to 87.1 inches. It totally depends on the external size of these tires. 

Load Capacity

205/75r15 tire is a smaller but more stable tire, it can get capacity of 1820 lbs, on the other hand 215/75r15 tire is bigger but does not have better load capacity, it is specially made for rear wheel and perform on off road. It has a load capacity of 1609 lbs, so we can see that 205/75r15 tire has better capacity. 

Speed Rating

Speed rating is another important factor for tires, as we can see how much speed coverage these tires give us, but the size is another factor that impacts on the speed rating. the 205/75r15 tire is a bit smaller and it gives 100 mph, on the contrary 215/75r15 tire is giving 102.18 mph and between two of these two tires 215/75r15 have better performance. 

Treadwear Rating

Treadwear ratings give us a clear idea about the longevity of each tire. So, based on the evaluation of 205/75r15 and 215/75r15, we can see that these tires have both 4.6 ratings. Here we can use both of these tires closing our eyes. On the field of rating these two have the same absorbing capacity. 

Traction Score

When we are using tires, the traction score tells us that how much performance we will get on off road and mountain areas, here we will notice that 205/75r15 tire has a score of A and 215/75r15 tire has a better score of AA, so it gives us a clear visualization that 215/75r15 will perform better. 

Temperature Score

Temperature score is another important matter to notice, it gives us ideas about using the tire on sunny days and driving a long way. the 205/75r15 tire has a score of 156 degrees and the 215/75r15 tire has a better score, that is up to 168 degrees. So, for longer use and more usage in summer based country 215/75r15 tires will be better. 

Maximum pressure

Every type of tire has a pressure capacity that tells how much air we can put in each tire. So based on analysis 205/75r15 tire and 215/75r15 tire both have the same maximum pressure up to 36 psi. So, we can give the same air pressure to both of these tires and they are quite well in managing air pressures.

Flat Road & Highway Performance

205/75r15 tires and 215/75r15 tires both are well performed on flat roads, even on highways these are quite smooth. You cannot notice any difference between these two tires at all. So, you can easily enjoy these tires on your car and rely on them without any extra worries. 

Off Road Performance

On off road we will not get the same performance with 205/75r15 tire and 215/75r15 tire, so we have to measure the performance individually. On off road, 205/75r15 tire has an average performance and 215/75r15 tire has a good performance. 

According to the above discussion we have got the comparative picture here and we can easily choose any one of these two tires for our car or other vehicle. We have tried our best to resolve the technical specs as much as possible. 

What is 205 75r15 in inches?

If you want to know about 205/75R15 tires in inches then the overall diameter is 27.1 inches, that is equivalent to 689 mm. This is the external size of the tire. Based on the size you can easily pick the right size of tire. 

What is 215 75r15  in inches?

the 215/75R15 tire is another variant that we have been talking about in the above portions, here if we measure the external size of the tire then it is 27.7 inches. That is very close to 205/75R15 tires and these are mostly used one instead of another. 

May You Like Our Opinion

As we have discussed before on these two tires, 205/75R15 and 215/75R15. These are perfect for general car cruising, so we can install it on any of our regular vehicles. But still, these are perfect for saloon, sedan, charger cars, SUV, mini trucks. Very commonly 205/75R15 tire is used on the front wheel and 215/75R15 is used on rear wheel. 

If we want to tell it critically then, 215/75R15 has better offroading capability, so you can install it on your vehicle, but that will be perfect match on mini trucks and SUV’s. But if you have to drive on high way then you can go for simply 205/75R15 tires, these are for perfect balancing. So, now you know what to do and chose the right tire for your vehicle between 205 75r15 vs 215 75r15 here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can 205 75r15 can carry?

205 75r15 tires can carry good weights up to 1820 lbs. That is a quite good capacity for a general vehicle tire. 

What size is 205 75 r15?

205 75 r15 is a very commonly used tire for general vehicles. The outer diameter of this tire is 27.1 inches that is equivalent to 689 mm. 

Can I use a 205 tire instead of 215 on a trailer?

Yes, you can use a 205 tire instead of 215, as a rear wheel or for offroad it will be a bit smaller, but from other view it is fine. 

Are wider trailer tires are better?

Yes, wider trailer are good, these comes with better weight and stability, that works fine for heavy load. So, wider trailer tires can be a good choice. 

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Final Words of 205 75r15 vs 215 75r15 Tire Size

We have  discussed about 205 75r15 vs 215 75r15 tire size here and we made it crystal clear for your understanding. We hope now you know all the details and differences to pick the right tire. So, be choosy and use the right tire for your vehicle.  

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