215 60r16 vs 205 65r16 Tire: The Detailed Comparison

Do you want to pick between the 215 60r16 and 205 65r16 tire types but are confused about which one to choose? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to compare the 215 60r16 and 205 65r16 tires for you and help you decide which one suits your vehicle the best. Moreover, we are going to share with you every minute detail about these two tire types.

So, if you don’t wanna miss out on all the fun that we are about to have, then stick along and read the rest of the article to the end and we promise you that you are gonna love every bit of this.

215/60r16 vs 205/65r16 Comparison Table

215 60R16 vs 205 65R16

This comparison table will give you valuable insight into every minute differences between 215 60r16 vs 205 65r16 tires. Let’s see what the comparison table tells us about the nature and type of the two tires:

Parameters215/60r16 Tire205/65r16 Tire
Overall Diameter26.16 inches26.49 inches
Section Width8.46 inches8.07 inches
Rim Width Range5.50-8.50 inches5.50 -7.50 inches
Sidewall Height5.08 inches5.25 inches
Circumference82.18 inches83.23 inches
Actual Speed62.93 mph62.14 mph
Revs Per Mile771761
Radius13.08 inches13.25 inches
Rim Diameter16 inches16 inches
Tire TypesA-Radial Ply TireA-Radial Ply Tire

215 60R16 vs 205 65R16: How Do They Differ?

As we can see there, that 205 65R16 tire has a larger contact patch than a 215 60R16 tire, so that tire comes with better traction. So, here we have to fix which type of tire we need. Now we will talk about the basic differences below.

Overall Diameter

We must consider the overall diameter at the very beginning when it comes to making a comparison between the two tire types. Diameter matters a lot because it affects your whole drive train. 

If your vehicle’s tire diameter is not correct it will affect the handling, the economy, and the overall performance of your vehicle. So, it is something not to be taken lightly at all.

If you look at the comparison table you will find that the overall diameter of the 215 60r16 tires is 26.16 inches whereas, in the case of the 205 65r16 tire, it is 26.49 inches. 

As you can see, the real difference in the overall diameter is not much. It is actually 0.33 inches or percentage wise 1.3% only which may seem too big to the naked eye but believe me it can really make a big difference in your overall driving experience

Sidewall Height

Sidewall height is another very important thing to consider when choosing the best tire size for your vehicle. It affects the handling of your vehicle and has the ability to offer you a more comfortable riding experience.

More sidewall heights mean more flex to the sidewall. Although it doesn’t offer any traction advantages, it definitely reduces the chances of a bending wheel when you hit a pothole or a curb.

Again, shorter sidewalls mean you will enjoy quicker steering response and your handling will be crispy. A shorter sidewall reduces the effective spring rate. Moreover, it is less expensive as well.

In the case of the 215 60r16 tire, the sidewall height is 5.08 inches or 129 mm. On the other hand, the sidewall height for the 205 65r16 tires is 5.25 inches or 133.25 mm. The difference between the two is 0.17 inches or -4.25 mm.

Revolutions Per Mile

Revolutions per mile (RPM) means how many times the tire will revolve or make a full round while covering a distance of one mile. This clearly affects your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Shorter tires need to make many moves to cover a single-mile distance. So, they cost you higher gas mileage. This affects your fuel consumption pretty badly. On the other hand, taller tires do the exact opposite and save some gas for you to cover some extra distance.

In the case of the 215 60r16, its RPM is 771. On the contrary, the 205 65r16 tires have an RPM of 761. The difference between the two RPM’s is about 9.75 or 1.3%. This means that the 205 65r16 tires will rotate 9 times more than the 215 60r16 tires. I guess you know what this means right?

Rim Diameter

Rim or wheel diameter is the actual distance from one beat seat to the other and it is measured in inches across the face of the wheel. A wider rim diameter ensures driving safety and enables your vehicle to carry more load than usual.

In the case of the 215 60r16, it has a rim diameter of 16 inches. The same measurement is also true for the 205 65r16 tires. This means both tire types have the same rim diameter. So, performance-wise, there is no difference between the two when it comes to the rim diameter.

Section Width

Section width, also known as the cross-section width, is yet another important factor in deciding which tire type suits your vehicle the best. Section width is usually measured from sidewall to sidewall.

The section width of a tire is very important because it affects your vehicle’s steering response, traction, and ride comfort if fitted in an improper way. So, you must not take the issue lightly and deal with it seriously.

In the case of the 215 60r16 tire, the cross-section width is 8.46 inches or 215 if converted into millimetres. And for the 205 65r16 tire, the cross-section width is around 8.07 inches or 205 mm. 

The overall difference is not too great again. The difference is only 0.39 inches or 10mm. So in comparison, the 215 60r16 tire is 10mm wider than the 205 65r16 tires. 

When it comes to the question of section width, the 205 65r16 is 4.9% smaller than the 215 60r16 tires. This means the 205 65r16 tires will offer you slightly less traction than the 215 60r16 tires.


The circumference of a tire is the distance it travels in a single revolution. The circumference of the 205 65r16 tires is around 83.23 inches. On the contrary, the circumference of the 215 60r16 tires is around 82.18 inches. The difference in circumference between the two is 1.05 inches or 1.3% only.

Circumference usually affects the speedometer. The higher the circumference of a tire, the more inaccurate the result you will get from the speedometer. Your vehicle’s gear ratio also gets affected by this.

Rim-Width Range

The 215 60r16 tires have a rim width range of 5.50-8.50 inches. On the other hand, the 205 65r16 tires have a rim width range of 5.50 -7.50 inches. The difference between the two is 0-1 inches only which is not a lot actually.

Tire Types 

Both 215 60r16 and 205 65r16 tires have radial construction types. In a radial tire type, the cord plies are arranged at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel. 

Radial tire construction types help to reduce build-up heat and offer you a more comfortable riding experience. These tire types have a stiffer tread and the ability to distribute weight evenly.

Actual Speed 

In the case of the 215 60r16 tires, the actual speed is around 62.93 mph whereas the actual speed of the 205 65r16 tires is around 62.14 mph. The speed difference is only 0.79 mph which is not a lot.


If you combine the sidewall height with your rim radius, you will get the radius of your vehicle’s tires. The radius of a tire is important because it helps you buy and match the replacements for your tires easily.

The 215 60r16 tires have a radius of 13.08 inches whereas the 205 65r16 tires have a radius of 13.25 inches. The difference between the two is 0.79 inches only.

215 60R16 vs 205 65R16 Tires: Advantages & Disadvantages

When it comes to performance, it is very hard to decide which tire type is better than the other as both tires share some advantages and disadvantages. So, we just can’t say that the 205 65r16 tires are better than the 215 60r16 or vice versa.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of both tire types so that you can decide better which tire type suits your vehicle best.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 205 65R16 Tires

The advantages and disadvantages of 205 65r16 tires are given below so that you can make a better judgment.


  • Gives better fuel economy
  • Provides smoother ride
  • Causes less road noise
  • Comes in lower price range


  • Has low load capacity
  • Has lower dry traction

Advantages and Disadvantages of 215 60R16 Tires

Like its competitor 205 65r16, the 215 60r16 tires also have some advantages and disadvantages as well.  The advantages and disadvantages of 215 60r16 tires are given below so that you can make a better judgment.


  • Provides better dry traction
  • Gives better handling
  • . Offers better weight distribution
  • Has higher load capacity


  • Comes in a higher price range
  • Cost more fuel than usual

Important Thoughts

It is pretty hard to say that the 215 60r16 tires are better than its competitor 205 65r16 or vice versa. Both tires have definite advantages over the other. 

For example, if you want better fuel economy, fewer road noises, and a smoother riding experience then you can surely opt for 205 65r16 tires.

Again, if you are looking for better weight distribution, higher load capacity, better dry traction, and better handling, then you can go for the 215 60r16 tires eyes closed.

 It actually depends on your choice really. What you want from your vehicle and what type of vehicle or vehicle you own should be the deciding factor of what type of tire suits your vehicle best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers and vehicle owners have many questions on their minds regarding which tire type they should select for their vehicles. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding 215 60r16 and 205 60r16 tires are given below:

Which One Is Cheaper 215 60R16 Or 205 60R16 Tires?

The rule of thumb is narrower tires are generally cheaper than wider ones. In that sense, 205 60r16 tires are cheaper than 215 60r16 tires. Moreover, 205 60r16 tires use fewer materials and are manufactured in large quantities. This is another reason for its being cheaper than the 215 60r16 tires.

Do 205 60R16 Tires Offer More Comfort Than 215 60R16 Tires?

There are some obvious reasons for 205 60r16 tires being more comfortable than its counterpart 215 60r16 tires. The first main reason is that 205 60r16 tires are narrower in nature and narrow tires have large sidewalls.

Large sidewalls offer more surface which helps the tires to protect from all the imperfections on the roads. Moreover, narrow tires emit less noise.

Being narrower, the 205 60r16 tires trap less air and make less noise. On the other hand, the 215 60r16 tires, being larger in size, trap more air and create more air resistance thus they create more noise.

Which Tire Type Offers Better Fuel Economy? 205 60R16 Or 215 60R16 Tires?

The 205 60r16 tires need less energy to rotate than its competitor the 215 60r16 tires. So, it is very easy to say that the 205 60r16 tires are more fuel efficient because it takes less fuel to generate the required amount of energy to rotate the 205 60r16 tires.

On the contrary, the 215 60r16 tires have more weight and contain larger contact patches. This usually means, it takes a lot of energy to rotate a 215 60r16 tire. More energy means more fuel consumption.

Do 215 60R16 Tires Provide Better Handling Than 205 60R16 Tires?

Yes, 215 60r16 tires provide better handling because they make the remain quite stable while accelerating and while driving through the corners as well. It is the nature of wider tries to make the steering wheel heavier.

Heavier steering wheels become more engaging and thus give more control and comfort while driving. This is why sports vehicles have heavier steering wheels to provide more control to the drivers.

Do 215 60R16 Tires Provide Better Weight Distribution Than 205 60R16 Tires?

Of course, they do. You see, we have already mentioned that 215 60r16 tires provide better handling and this better handling occurs due to having a better weight distribution system. 

One of the main advantages of having a better weight system is that you will be able to brake your vehicle at short distances. This means that whenever you hit the brakes of your vehicle, it will stop instantly without any delay or take a really short time to stop fully.

Can I Use 215 60R16 Tires In Place Of 205 65R16?

If your rim size is wide enough to fit 215 60r16 tires, then yes, you can very easily replace your 205 60r16 tires with 215 60r16 ones. But there is another issue. 

You see, not all vehicles can fit wider tires without any modifications. In that case, you will have to test your vehicle by fitting 215 60r16 tires on it. This is perhaps the easiest way to test whether your vehicle can fit wider tires or not.

Why Do People Prefer To Use 215 60R16 Tires In Place Of 205 65R16?

People usually prefer to use 215 60r16 tires because they look really amazing and cool, especially on high-performance vehicles.

Final Thoughts

In our 215 60r16 vs 205 65r16 tires comparison article, we have realized one very important thing and that important thing is you just can’t specifically say that this tire type is definitely better than that type.

Rather, we learned that both tire types have some advantages and disadvantages over one another. Both tire types offer valuable services to vehicle owners. So, it is up to you really to choose which tire type suits your vehicle the best and go for that particular tire type exactly.

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