What Does 215 75r15 In Inches Tire Size Mean? 

Are you in the market for new tires for your vehicle and wondering if 215 75r15 tires are the right choice for you? This size is a popular option for a variety of vehicles, from SUVs to pickup trucks to vans. 

These tires are a good option for drivers who want a balance of comfort, handling, and all-season performance. They provide good traction in both wet and dry conditions, as well as in light snow.

Additionally, their taller sidewalls can help absorb bumps and provide a smoother ride. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable tire option that can handle a variety of driving conditions, 215 75r15 in inches tires may be a great choice for you. 

What does 215 75r15 in inches mean? 

In order to understand the significance of each number in the tire size, we must first understand its meaning.

215- Using this first number, you can determine that the tire’s width is 215 millimeters, or approximately 8.5 inches in width.

75- This number indicates the aspect ratio of the tire, which is 75%. It refers to the height of the tire from the ground to the edge of the rim, which is 75% of the width, or 162mm.

r15- A tire with the letter R indicates that it is a radial tire. Radial tires are the most common type of tire today. There is a number associated with the tire diameter in inches. This indicates that the tire is compatible with 15-inch wheels

Table  Of 215/75r15 in inches tire size

215 75r15 In Inches

Many SUVs, trucks, and vans come with 215 75r15 tires. A tire size table shows all the specs for a 215 75r15 tire, like load index, speed rating, and maximum inflation pressure.

In addition to choosing the right tire for your vehicle, this table will help you to make sure it’s safe and efficient for your car. 

Features215 75r15 in inches tire size 
Features215 75r15 in inches tire size 
Tire Type P (Passenger)
Sidewall Height          6.35 inches
Overall tire diameter 27.70 inches
Tire Section Width8.46 inches
Circumference87.01 inches
Revolutions per Mile (RPM)728.17 rpm
Radius 13.85 inches
Rim Diameter15 inches
Rim Width Range                   5.5″, 6″, 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″
Construction TypeA-Radial Ply Tire

215 75r15 In Inches tire size – Detailed Analysis

When analyzing this tire size, you’ve got to think about its width, aspect ratio, radial construction, diameter, and so on.

It’s important to look at the various specifications of the 215 75r15 tire size when analyzing its performance and compatibility with a particular vehicle. For safe and efficient driving, you need good tires.

Sidewall Height

Tire sidewall height is how far the tire rim is from the outermost part of the sidewall. Usually measured in millimeters or inches, it’s determined by the aspect ratio of the tire.

It affects how well a tire performs and how well it handles because of the sidewall height. 215 75r15 tires have a sidewall height of approximately 6.35 inches.

Overall tire diameter 

In tire metric terms, tire diameter is the distance between the tire tread top and bottom. In addition to speedometer accuracy, vehicle handling, and ground clearance, tire diameter affects a lot of other aspects of tire performance.

The overall tire diameter of a 215 75r15 tire size is approximately 27.7 inches or 703.58 millimeters.

Tire Type 

Look on the sidewall of your tire for the numbers and letters. You should find a sequence that looks like “P215 75r15”. The first letter in this sequence represents the type of tire you have.

P stands for passenger, which means the tires have been inspected according to passenger car safety standards. The same will apply to all four tires.

Tire Section Width

It is the measurement of the width of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. The first three figures of tire size indicate the width of the tire. For example, a 215/75 r15 in inches tire has a width of 215 millimeters or 8.46 inches.


The circumference of a tire is the distance around the outer edge of the tire, usually measured in inches or millimeters. Therefore, a tire of size 215 75r15 has an approximate circumference of 87.1 inches. It also refers to the distance a tire travels in one complete rotation.


The radius is typically expressed in inches or millimeters and is one of the most important measurements used to describe a tire. This distance can be calculated by measuring the distance between a tire’s center and its outer edge.

It is necessary to measure the radius of the tire in order to determine the tire size and rolling distance. 215 75r15 in inches tires have a radius of 13.85 inches. 

Rim Diameter

Rim diameter is also referred to as wheel diameter. It is the size of the wheel, measured from one end to the other, that is displayed in the tire size.

This information indicates the size of the wheel the tire is intended to fit. For example, the size 215/75 R15 tire is designed to fit a 15″ wheel.

Rim Width Range

Depending on the tire size, the rim width range determines what rim width is acceptable. When choosing a tire for your vehicle, it is important to consider the tire rim width range specified by the manufacturer.

For the 215 75r15 in inches tire, the recommended rim width ranges from 5.5” to 7.5″ inches. Fitment and safety are dependent on matching the tire’s recommended rim width range to that of the wheel it will be mounted on.


There is a way to identify the radial construction of a tire by its tire size (R). The letter “R” or “r” in that tire size indicates Radial, which signifies that the layers of the tire are arranged in a radial pattern.

In the table below, I have listed additional features of the 215 75r15 in inches tire size in inches.

Features215 75r15 tire size in inches
Aspect Ratio75
PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)36 psi
Load Capacity1609 lbs
Speed Rating  102.18 mph
Treadwear Rating      4.6
Traction ScoreAA
Temperature Score                168 degree
Flat Road & Highway Good
Offroad                      Good

Here mentioning more 215 75r15 in inches tire size Analysis:

Aspect ratio

In a tire size, the two-digit number after the slash mark indicates the aspect ratio of the tire’s cross-section to its width. For example, in the size 215/75 R15 tire, the 75 indicates that the height is equal to 75% of the tire’s width. A tire’s sidewall will be larger when the aspect ratio is larger.


There is a pressure capacity for each type of tire that indicates how much air it can hold. The maximum pressure of 215 75r15 tires according to our analysis is 36 psi. So, these tires are quite effective at managing average air pressure.

Load Capacity

You can find the maximum load on the sidewall of the tire as well, in pounds and kilograms. It indicates the maximum load that the tire can support when it is properly inflated.

The 215 75r15 tire is larger but does not have a better load capacity. The tire has a load capacity of 1609 pounds. 

Speed rating  

Often, speed ratings are matched to the highest speed capability of a vehicle. The maximum speed capability of a tire is indicated by the tire’s speed rating.

For example, a tire with an R-speed rating can reach 106 mph. 215 75r15 tires are designed for speeds up to 102 mph. According to experts, exceeding the posted speed limit is not recommended. 

Treadwear rating

In terms of treadwear ratings, we gain a clear understanding of how long the tire will last. Accordingly, based on the evaluation of the 215 75r15 in inches tires, we can determine that the tires have a rating of 4.6. The 215 75r15 in inches also have a good level of absorption. 

Traction Score

Tires are rated according to their traction score, which indicates how well they will perform on off-road and mountainous terrain. Here, the 215 75r15 tire has a score of AA, which gives us a clear indication that this particular tire will perform better than others. 

Temperature score

Another important factor to consider is the temperature score, which provides us with information about the tire’s performance on sunny days and when driving long distances.

In terms of temperature, the 215 75r15 tire scores 168 degrees. A 215 75r15 tire is therefore a good choice for longer usage and more usage in an area that is predominantly based in the summer. 

Flat road & highway performance

There is no doubt that 215 75r15 tires perform well on flat roads. They are even quite smooth on highways. You will not be able to detect any jerk at all. Thus, you do not need to worry about anything when it comes to these tires on your vehicle. 

Off-road performance

When it comes to off-roading, different tires will perform differently, so we must measure each tire’s performance separately. As far as off-road performance is concerned, the 215 75r15 tire performs well. 

Which cars use the 215 75r15 in inches tires?

You can use the 215 75r15 tire size on lots of different types of vehicles. It’s a versatile tire size that’s good for trucks, SUVs, and vans. If you’re looking for a car that uses this tire size, then here is the list for you. 

Car Brands That use 215 75r15 Model (Year)
Chevrolet- Express (1999-2002), Astro (1999-2005)
Tracker (2001-2004)
Jeep Cherokee (1999-2001)  Wrangler (1999-2006)
DodgeDakota (1999-2002)
HondaElement (2003-2011), Passport (1999)

There’s a collection of cars that ditched factory wheels for P 215/75 R15 aftermarket tires. They’re all different, with different details on P 215/75 R15 installation.

  • 2000 Honda CR-V
  • 2014 Nissan Juke
  • 2000 Honda CR-V

It’s a tire size used by many manufacturers on a lot of different models over the years, so you’ve got a lot of options to pick from. 

What is a 215 75r15 equivalent to? 

If you’re looking for an equivalent to 215 75r15 in inches tire size, it’s important to keep in mind that there might not be an exact match. However, there are some tire sizes that are close in overall diameter and can be used as replacements.

Tire size      Diameter   Difference   Width
205/75R15     27.1″-2.17%8.1″
225/70R15     27.4″-1.08%8.9″
255/60R15     27.0″-2.53%10.0″
241/63/R15    27.0″-2.53%9.5″
325/50R15     27.8″0.36% 12.8″
225/75R15     28.3″2.17% 8.9″
235/70R15     28.0″1.08%9.3″
275/60R15     28.0″1.08% 10.8″
254/65/R15    28.0″1.08% 10.0″
267/62/R15    28.0″1.08%10.5″
292/57/R15    28.0″1.08% 11.5″
305/54/R15    28.0″1.08% 12.0″
318/52/R15    28.0″1.08% 12.5″
114/144/R15  28.0″1.08% 4.5″
152/108/R1528.0″1.08% 6.0″
191/87/R15    28.0″1.08% 7.5″
229/72/R15    28.0″1.08%9.0″

How much difference in tire diameter is acceptable?

A tire’s diameter may differ by an acceptable amount depending on several factors, including the type of vehicle, the vehicle’s purpose, and the specifications of the manufacturer.

It’s good to know the safe limits if you want to do a tire conversion to improve your driving experience. When you install alternative-size tires, you don’t just change the way your car behaves, but you change the way other vital systems function afterward, too.

Keep the difference at 3% of the original diameter/height to stay within the safe range. That way, you don’t get faulty brakes.

My Observation

There are a couple of reasons that you can appreciate the 215 75r15 in inches tire size. This tire size offers good traction on both wet and dry roads. Due to its high sidewall, it provides a comfortable ride.

215 75r15 in inches tires are typically cheaper than larger sizes, so budget-conscious car owners can select them. There’s no doubt that the 215 75r15 in inches tire size is a reliable and practical choice that offers a good balance between performance, comfort, and affordability.

Final Word

Finding a perfect tire size is a must-do for the safety of driving. That is why the tire sizes are carefully chosen by vehicle manufacturers to ensure that the tire matches the specifications and requirements of the vehicle.

When selecting replacement tires, it’s crucial to choose tires that are the same size as the original equipment tires or as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Generally, the 215 75r15 tire size is regarded as driving-friendly in many aspects. It’s a common size for light trucks, SUVs, and vans and should be carefully matched to the vehicle’s specifications to ensure proper fit, handling, and safety.

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Frequently Askes Questions

How do you convert tire size to Sidewall height?

The height of the sidewall can be calculated by multiplying the width (215) by the ratio of 75 or .75. 215 millimeters x 0.75 = 161.25 millimeters. 

What’s wider or narrow than 215 75r15 is acceptable? 

A 215/75R15 tire can be replaced if it is within 3% of the overall tire diameter. Here, it ranges from 26.9 inches to 28.5 inches (682mm to 724mm).

One thing to remember is that wheel experts don’t recommend reducing the diameter. Better to stick with the factory wheels if you don’t know what other tire size would fit your ride. 

How big is a 215 75r15 tire’s height?

215 75r15 tires have an overall diameter of 27.7 inches, which represents the height of the tire. This is the measurement of the outside diameter of a tire taken through its center when the tire is inflated with no load attached.

How do I know my tire size is compatible?

You can find all the information you need in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. It is the most reliable source of information.

It is also possible to keep within a reasonable range of tire dimensions by changing the tire width one size up and changing the aspect ratio (the proportion of the tire’s height to width) one size down.

What rims fit 215 75r15 tires?

It is common for each tire size to have multiple wheel sizes. It is not possible to place very wide tires on narrow rims or vice versa.

Here is the size of the rims you require for 215/75 R15 tires in Rim diameter x Rim width format:

15×5.5 inches, 15×6 inches
15×6.5 inches, 15×7 inches
15×7.5 inches

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