225 50R17 Diameter: Everything You Need to Know

As car owners, it is important to have a basic understanding of the tires that we use. The size and dimensions of a tire play a crucial role in determining its performance, safety, and overall driving experience. 

One of the most common tire sizes in the market is the 225 50r17. Here, we will delve deeper into what the 225 50r17 diameter means and its significance. 

225 50R17 Diameter: What Do Tire Sizes and Diameter Mean?

225 50R17 Diameter

Before we can understand what 225 50r17 means, we need to have a basic understanding of tire size and diameter. 

Tire sizes and diameters refer to the measurements of a tire. The size of a tire is usually represented by a series of numbers and letters that provide information about the tire’s width, aspect ratio, and diameter. 

The diameter of a tire is the distance between its two outer edges when it is mounted on a rim and properly inflated.

The diameter of a tire is one of the critical factors in determining its performance characteristics. 

Larger-diameter tires generally provide better handling and more precise steering, while smaller-diameter tires offer better acceleration and braking performance. 

The diameter also influences the overall ride height of the vehicle, which can impact its clearance and stability.

The letters represent the tire’s type, while the numbers represent its size. The tire’s type can be either P, LT, ST, or T. P stands for passenger car, LT stands for light truck, ST stands for the special trailer, and T stands for temporary use.

What Does 225 50R17 Mean?

The number sequence 225 50r17 represents the size and dimensions of a tire. The first number, 225, represents the tire’s width in millimeters. 

The second number, 50, represents the aspect ratio, which is the tire’s height expressed as a percentage of its width. In this case, the tire’s height is 50% of its width.

The letter “r” stands for radial, which means the tire’s internal construction consists of layers of cord running perpendicular to the direction of travel. 

The last number, 17, represents the diameter of the wheel rim in inches that the tire is designed to fit.

225 50R17 Diameter: The Science Behind the Calculation

The diameter of a tire can be calculated by adding the height of the sidewall to the diameter of the wheel. In the case of a 225 50r17 tire, we can calculate its diameter by following these steps:

Width of the tire = 225 mm

Aspect ratio = 50%

Height of the sidewall = 225 mm x 50% = 112.5 mm or 113 mm to be exact.

Diameter of the wheel = 17 inches

To calculate the diameter of the tire, we need to convert the diameter of the wheel from inches to millimeters:

Diameter of the wheel = 17 inches x 25.4 mm/inch = 431.8 mm or 432 mm to be exact

Now we can calculate the diameter of the tire by adding the height of the sidewall to the diameter of the wheel:

Diameter of the tire = (2 x height of the sidewall) + the diameter of the wheel

Diameter of the tire = (2 x 113 mm) + 432 mm

Diameter of the tire = 658 mm 

Therefore, the diameter of a 225 50r17 tire is 658 mm or 25.9 inches.

225 50R17 Diameter: Determining Factors

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the major factors that puts a serious impact on the diameter of a tire. These factors are as follows:

Rim Size 

The diameter of a tire is largely determined by the size of the rim it is mounted on. A larger rim will typically require a tire with a smaller diameter to maintain the same overall height.

Tire Construction

The construction of a tire can also impact its diameter. Radial tires have a shorter profile than bias-ply tires, which means they have a smaller diameter for the same width.

Tire Pressure

The amount of air pressure in a tire can also influence its diameter. Overinflated tires will have a smaller diameter than properly inflated or underinflated tires.


Extreme temperatures can cause the air inside the tire to expand or contract, which can impact the diameter of the tire. In hot weather, the air in the tire can expand, causing the tire to have a slightly larger diameter. In cold weather, the air can contract, causing the tire to have a slightly smaller diameter.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle can also affect the diameter of the tire. For example, sports cars may have larger diameter tires to improve handling and performance, while trucks may have smaller diameter tires to improve towing capacity.

Driving Style

The way in which a vehicle is driven can also impact the diameter of the tire. Hard acceleration and braking can cause the tire to wear down faster, reducing its diameter over time.


Poor alignment can cause uneven wear on the tire, which can affect its diameter. If the tire wears down more on one side than the other, it can cause the diameter to become uneven.

225 50R17 Diameter: Alternative Sizes by Diameter

After much research, we have come up with a series of alternative tire sizes that we can easily choose as the replacement for the 225 50r17 tires. Just remember the difference in diameter should always be within 3% of the target tire’s overall diameter. Here is the table: –

Alternative Tire Sizes

225 50R17 Diameter: List of Vehicles

We have compiled a list of different vehicle names and their models that can fit the 225 50r17 tires quite easily. Here goes the list: –

Brand NamesModels & Years
DodgeAvenger (2012-2014), Stratus (2001-2006)
BMW2 Series (2021-2023), 4 Series (2013-2023)
VolvoS60 (2012-2023), V60 (2018-2022)
CadillacBLS (2005-2010), CTS (2002-2007)
AcuraCL (2001-2003), TL (2001-2003)
FordC-MAX (2013-2018), S-MAX (206-2015)
MG5 (2020-2022), EP (2020-2022)
ToyotaCrown (2014-2018), Supra (2019-2023)
OpelAstra (2009-2017), Zafira (2011-2019)
Nissan350Z (2002-2005), Maxima (2000-2003)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Overall Diameter of a 225 50R17 Tire Affect Performance?

The overall diameter of a tire affects its performance by influencing its grip, handling, and ride comfort. .

The 225 50r17 tire size offers a good balance of grip and handling due to its wider tread width and lower profile, while also providing a comfortable ride for daily use.

What Is the Overall Diameter Tolerance for 225 50R17 Tires?

The overall diameter tolerance for 225 50r17 tires is typically around +/- 3%, which means that the actual diameter of the tire can vary slightly from the specified size

How Can I Measure the Overall Diameter of My 225 50R17 Tires?

The overall diameter of a tire can be measured by placing the tire on a level surface, measuring the distance from the ground to the top of the tire, and then doubling that measurement to get the overall diameter.


The 225 50r17 tire size offers a good balance of grip, handling, and ride comfort due to its overall diameter of approximately 658 mm or 25.9 inches. 

The wider tread width and shorter profile of this tire size provide excellent handling and grip, while still maintaining a comfortable ride for daily use. 

However, it is important to note that the overall diameter of a tire can affect its performance and should be considered when selecting the appropriate tire size for your vehicle.

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