Tire Size 225/60r17 In Inches? – A Detailed Overview

Are you in the car tire market for new tires for your vehicle? And are you looking for the proper size with safety and stability? Well, then one popular size to consider is 225/60R17.

This tire size is commonly found on mid-size and crossover SUVs, as well as some minivans and sedans. This article contains important information about the tire’s width, aspect ratio, construction, and rim diameter. 

In this article, I will explore the features and characteristics of 225/60r17 tires, and discuss what sets them apart from other tire sizes on the market. Whether you’re in the market for new tires or just curious about the technical details of your vehicle, read on to learn more about 225/60r17 tires.

What does 225/60r17 in inches mean? 

Having a standard for tire size, tire manufacturers can manufacture tires of the same size independently. In addition, users can purchase tires of the same size from different tire manufacturers by following the standard.

Car and tire manufacturers use 225/60r17 in inches tires as a Standard size. There are two types of tires, P and LT. P (P-metric) tires are for passenger use. LT tires, which stand for “Light Truck”, are designed for hauling heavy loads.

225/60r17 is an LT tire. To provide an understanding of what these metrics mean in practice, please refer to the following:

225 – 225 is the width of the tire, in millimeters. In inches, it is 8.9.

60- Approximately a 225/60r17 tire has an aspect ratio of 60%, which is the ratio of the height of the sidewall to the width, in percentage. It is the following number on the sidewall after the width of the tire. With this sidewall height, the tire measures 135 millimeters or 5.3 inches high.

R- There is an “R” or “r” in the middle of the letter, which refers to the construction of the tire.

Radials are the most common type of tire sold for automobiles. Also sometimes you will see tires marked RF or ZR. The RF indicates that the tire is run flat, while the ZR means that the tire has a speed rating above V. These tires are also radials, as indicated by the R.

17- The wheel diameter for 225/60r17 is 17 inches, and the rim width ranges from 17 inches by

7.5 inches to 17 inches by 9.5 inches.

225/60r17 in inches tire size table 

Tire Size 22560r17 In Inches

225/60r17 in inches tire size has many size metrics that make it a good choice. The following table has almost all the features of 225/60r17 tire size in inches to make your knowledge clear.

Most people have a hard time finding the right tire size because the tire size manual isn’t familiar to them. Hopefully, you will become an expert on 245/60r17 tire size in inches after looking at this table. 

Features225/60r17 in inches
Sidewall Height          5.3 inches
Overall tire diameter 27.63  inches
Tire Section Width8.9  inches
Circumference86.8  inches
Revolutions per Mile (RPM)729 rpm
Radius 13.81 inches
Rim Diameter17 inches
Construction TypeRadial Tire (A Radial-Ply Tire)
Aspect Ratio60%
Load Index99 & 103
Speed IndexH & V

225/60r17 In Inches tire size – Detailed Analysis

In addition to being a common size, the 225/60r17 tire size is used on lots of vehicles, including SUVs, crossovers, and some sedans. Here I am discussing the analysis of the tire size 225/60r17 in inches.

Remember, when choosing tires for your vehicle, you need to pay attention to these measurements, as they can affect how your vehicle handles, rides, and performs. So, replace your tires only if they meet the specifications of your car to ensure safety.

Sidewall Height

When choosing a tire, the sidewall height is one of the most important considerations. As the tire edge approaches the rim, there is a distance called the sidewall height between them. In the case of 225/60r17 tires, there is a sidewall height of 5.3 inches.

Overall tire diameter 

It is important to note that the overall diameter of the 225 60r17 tire size is approximately 27.63 inches. One of the first things that one notices is the slightly larger diameter of the 225 60r17 tires. If you’re looking for a smoother ride, taller tires may be an excellent choice.

Tire Section width

A 225/60r17 tire’s width is 8.9 inches or 225 millimeters, and it’s based on the width measured between its inner and outer sidewalls at its widest point (excluding decorations, protective ribs, or raised lettering).

The width of a tire is also called its tread width, section width, or cross-section width. Once the tires are inflated and mounted on their industry-assignment measuring rim, you can measure the width of the tire without any load.


This is the distance around the tire. Knowing the circumference of a tire is essential for a car owner as it can affect the speedometer reading and odometer readings on your car. A 225 60r17 tire size has a circumference of approximately 86.8 inches.

Revolutions Per Mile

The 225 60r17 in inches tire size has 729 revolutions per mile, which indicates how fast the tire rotates. If you are looking for a tire that rotates a bit more quickly, the 225 60r17 might be a good option. 


To determine the actual radius of a tire, you need to know the sidewall height and the radius of the rims. Based on the specification for the 225 60r17 tire, the radius is 13.81 inches. Obtaining spare parts will be easier if you are familiar with the radius of a tire.

Rim Diameter

Following is the wheel diameter, which is very important as it will provide you with a good idea of what tire size will fit on your rims.

In the sequence of a tire size, look for the number following the letter R. The wheel diameter of the tire 225/60r17 is 17 inches. In other words, the tires must be compatible with 17-inch wheels.

Construction Type

These 225 60R17 tires are radial tires, which means they have plies running perpendicularly to the direction of travel. It should not be difficult to locate radial tires since they are the most common type of tire.

Aspect ratio

After the slash and before the letter R in the sequence of a tire size, you will find the aspect ratio, which is the height of the tire’s sidewall. In the case of 225/60R17, the aspect ratio is 60. Therefore, the sidewall is larger when the aspect ratio is larger, as the height of the tire equals 60% of its width.

Load Index 

285/70r17 tires have two types of load index, 99 and 103. The load index relates to the maximum weight that a tire can support when properly inflated.

With a load index of 99, the 225/60r17 99 SL is a Standard Load tire that can support up to 1709 pounds or 775 kilograms of weight.

Another load index is 103, and when inflated to its maximum pressure, the 225/60r17 103 XL tire is capable of supporting up to 1929 pounds or 875 kilograms.

Speed Index

A tire’s speed rating tells you how fast it can go before it stops performing. After the tire size code, find the letter that follows the load index for your speed index. At the end of the size code, there should be either H or V for the 225/60r17 tire size.

Each letter represents a different maximum speed. H-rated tires are designed for speeds up to 130 mph, while V-rated tires are designed for speeds up to 149 mph.

Which cars have 225/60r17 in inches tires?

Check out the collection of vehicles riding on 225/60 R17 tires, which means that they are competitors to some extent. The list below assumes that 225/60 R17 is the tire size they are originally equipped with.

Car Brands That use 225/60r17 tires sizeModel (Year)
BuickRendezvous (2002-2007), Terraza (2005-2007)
AudiA6 (2019-2022)
Chevrolet- TrailBlazer (2021-2022)
HyundaiTucson (2010-2022), NEXO (2019)
InfinitiQX50 (2014-2017), EX37 (2013),  EX35 (2008-2012)
Jeep Cherokee (2019-2021), Compass (2011-2022),
Renegade (2018-2022), New Compass (2017)
KiaSportage (2011-2022)
LincolnTown Car (2003-2011)
NissanQuest (2004-2009), Rogue (2008-2016)
SubaruForester (2012-2021), Outback (2010-2013), Crosstrek (2018-2021), Crosstrek Hybrid
Toyota RAV4 (1999-2005), RAV4 EV (2002)
BMW 740e (2017-2018)

What is a 225/60r17 equivalent to? 

There should be no more than a 3% difference between the overall diameter of the replacement tire and that of the original tire. Tire size 225/60r17 can be replaced with 63 other sizes that are compatible. Here are some of them. You can view its specifications by selecting the optional plus size.

Tire size         
155/80R17     26.8″-2.9%  6.1″
165/80R17     27.4″-0.72%6.5″
215/60R17     27.2″-1.45%8.5″
235/55R17     27.2″-1.45%9.3″
245/55R17     27.6″  0%     9.6″
255/50R17     27.0″-2.17%10.0″
102/130/R17  27.5″-0.36%4.0″
275/50R17     27.8″0.72%10.8″
305/45R17     27.8″0.72% 12.0″
155/90R17     28.0″1.45% 6.1″
215/65R17     28.0″1.45% 8.5″
235/60R17     28.1″1.81% 9.3″
255/55R17     28.0″1.45% 10.0″
152/92/R17    28.0″1.45% 6.0″

What rims fit 225/60 R17 tires?

There are usually several wheel sizes available for each tire size. There is no possibility of mounting tires that are too wide on narrow rims or vice versa. The following is the size of the rims that you will need for 225/60 R17 tires in Rim diameter x rim width format. 

  1. 17×8 inches
  2. 17×7.5 inches
  3. 17×7 inches
  4. 17×6.5 inches

Can you put different-sized tires on your car?

There are three dimensions associated with tire size: the width, the sidewall height, and the rim diameter. You must maintain the recommended wheel and tire size for your safety and balance while driving. And according to the above specifications, a tire’s size can vary in three different ways.


The front tires on most cars, especially rear-wheel-drive sports cars, are narrower than the back tires. There’s a reason for wide rear wheels: traction and style. Wider rear tires are beneficial when a rear-wheel-drive vehicle has a lot of power, which can cause wheel spin easily.

The wider tires on the front wheels mean bigger wheel wells, which mean less grip when turning after a certain width. Although narrow tires are fine for the front and wider tires for the back, there’s no sense in putting wider tires on just one side.

The vehicle would then have a different grip on the road when braking as a result of the weight balance being changed. You’d also see a change in cornering dynamics.

Rim diameter

Cars don’t usually have different sizes of rims. There are the same wheels at the back and front, but you can’t mix the two or the car will steer one way, like when racing off-road. 

Sidewall aspect ratio

Considering that the overall diameter of the wheel depends on the sidewall ratio, it is essential to match them on both sides. Therefore, you should not make any changes. 

What advantages can you expect from 225/60 R17 tires?

The geometric shape and construction type make the 225/60r17 in inches tires standalone as it offers many other advantages for car owners.  

  • This 225/60r17 tire is designed to give you long-lasting tread life and responsive handling, even in light snow. It’s fitted with a lot of cutting-edge technology for your next ride.
  • With a focus on optimizing durability, traction, and wear resistance, the 225/60r17 provides a balance between on-road civility and off-road capability.
  • These tires have an all-season compound that improves grip in wet, icy conditions and promotes traction year-round.
  • A tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts with spirally wrapped nylon to increase stability on highways and durability at high speeds. Its polyester casing plies are strong and comfortable.
  • Wet conditions are no problem for the 225/60R17, with its aggressive and wide tread pattern. Tires with this technology maintain exceptional traction throughout each revolution and reduce tread wear.
  • It has a high void ratio, an aggressive non-directional tread design, open shoulders, a detailed upper sidewall, staggered, hook-shaped tread blocks, and offset shoulder tread blocks for better mud-terrain traction. When off-roading on soft or loose terrain, this tread pattern lets you keep a good grip on the track surface.
  • Additionally, there are stone-ejecting ribs in the shoulder grooves. The tread elements eject any rocks stuck between them, so the casing of the tire doesn’t get damaged. 
  • In addition, replacement parts and upgrades are readily available. 

My Observation

Based on the specifications and finding the advantages the 225/60r17 in inches tires offer I can confidently advise you to rely on it.

Besides, since many of the top car brands use 225/60r17 in inches tires you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it for your car. If the size fits your car rims then ultimately it should be your best option. 

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Final Word

Although the 225/60r17 in inches tire size is popular among car owners, the size of the tire alone does not always determine the performance of a tire.

Several factors, including the tire brand, tread pattern, and construction materials, can all influence the performance of a tire under different conditions.

In order to ensure that your vehicle is operated safely and effectively, it is also important to ensure that any replacement tires meet the specifications of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is a 225/60r17 tire’s height? 

As measured from the outside edges of the wheel, the 225/60r17 measures 27.63 inches tall in overall diameter.

What’s wider or narrow than 225/60r17 is acceptable? 

It is possible to replace tires that are within 3% of the overall tire diameter with 225/60r17 tires. According to this measurement, it lies between 26.8 and 28.46 inches. You can find your tire size by referring to the tire size chart.

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