What Is Tire Size 225 65r17 in inches – A Detailed Guide

Are you planning to replace your car tires with the 225 65r17 size? Do you have a complete understanding of what 225 65r17 in inches tire? Then you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you will find the best product when you know the details about it. 

People usually replace their car tires with the same size, although different-sized tires are also being used. It largely depends on the tire size that you are planning to buy and whether they fit your current rims.

When buying 225/65r17 tires, it would be easier if you knew their measurements in inches. Well, if you are on the way to buying tires for your car then you should read this article on 225 65r17 in inches.

225 65r17 in inches tire size table

225 65r17 in inches

People usually don’t understand the tire size according to the manual. The number mentions some measurements that you should understand for your car’s best performance and safety as well.

Manufacturers maintain basic science with the whole vehicle system. These size numbers are part of that system. However, here I mentioned the 225/65r17 tire features and the sizes in inches for your better understanding. 

Features225/65r17 in inches
Sidewall Height          5.7 inches 
Overall tire diameter 28.5 inches 
Tire Section Width8.9 inches 
Circumference89.5 inches
Revolutions per Mile (RPM)708 per mile
Radius 14.26 inches
Rim Diameter17 inches
Construction TypeRadial Tire (A Radial-Ply Tire)
Aspect Ratio65%
PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)36-42 psi

225/65r17 in inches tire size Detailed Analysis

From the table above, you should get the size measurement as a brief idea. But here is the size analysis of 225/65r17 tires which should make you understand the whole definition of these tires. And this should help you in opting for the perfect tires for your car.  

Sidewall Height

A tire’s profile refers to the distance between the wheel rim and the top of the tread on its sidewall. The height of the sidewall is dependent on the aspect ratio of the tire; a lower aspect ratio means a lower profile. There is a sidewall height of 5.7 inches on the 225 65r17 tire. 

Overall tire Diameter

In the 225/65r17 tire size, the first number represents the overall diameter. It has an overall diameter of 28.5 inches. It is the distance from one end of the tire to the other that determines the overall height of the tire.

The Section width

The second number indicates the measurement in inches of the width of the section. It refers to the width between one sidewall and the other of a tire. There are 8.9 inches of width in the section of the 225 65r17 tire. 


Circumference refers to the distance around the outside of an automobile tire. The 225 65r17 has a circumference of 89.5 inches.  

Revolutions Per Mile

The number of revolutions per mile (RPM) indicates how fast a tire rotates. There are 708 revolutions per minute on the 225 65r17. The 225 65r17 might be a good choice if you are looking for a tire that rotates slightly faster. 


This measurement is based on the distance between the center of the wheel and the outer edge of the tire. This is how the tire size and the rolling distance are calculated.

The 225 65r17 tires have a radius of 14.26 inches. A large radius means a larger tire, and a small radius means a smaller tire.

Rim diameter/Wheel Size

There’s the diameter code, in inches, of the rim on which you can mount the tire. The 225 65r17 has a wheel diameter of 17 inches.

225 65r17 tires are a good choice if you already own a set of 17-inch wheels and are looking for new tires.

Construction Type

225 65r17 tires are radial ply tires. This indicates that the tires are intended for use on roads. It would be a good idea to choose 225 65r17 tires for your car or truck if you are looking for new tires.

Aspect ratio

The next number after the slash mark is the aspect ratio, which lets you know how tall the profile of your tire is. Tire makers calculate the aspect ratio by multiplying the tire height off the rim by the tire width. The aspect ratio of a 225/65r17 tire is 70, which means its height is 70% of its width.


As a Standard Load tire, the 225/65R17 102 SL supports 1874 pounds or 850 kilograms at its maximum air pressure of 36 pounds per square inch (psi).

The 225/65R17 106 XL is a heavy-duty tire that supports up to 2094 pounds or 950 kilograms at its maximum air pressure of 42 pounds per square inch (psi) when inflated to its maximum air pressure.

Our Verdict

The 225 65r17 might be a good option if you are looking for a slightly larger tire or higher RPM. In the end, the decision will depend on your personal preferences.

In terms of the overall diameter, section width, and circumference of your car tires, you should be aware of what the requirements are. 225 65r17 tires are always regarded as an excellent choice if they fit your car. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cars use 225/65r17 tire size?

Most vehicles respond well to the 225/65R17 tire size in terms of performance and handling.

The 225/65R17 tire size is an industry-standard tire size used on a wide range of vehicles including SUVs, crossovers, and some mid-size sedans. 

Are there any 225/65r17 replacement tire sizes?

225/65R17 tires can be replaced with 55 compatible tire sizes. Replacement tires must be within 3% of the original tire’s diameter.

What rims will fit 225/65R17 tires?

There are often several wheel sizes available for each tire size. You cannot mount very wide tires on narrow rims or vice versa. For 225/65R17 tires, you need a rim size of 17′′ x 6-8′′.

Can I replace 235 65R17 with 225 65R17?

Yes, you may do so, but the wheel and tire would have a smaller overall diameter, which would result in a lower height and a narrower tread pattern.

Basically, the 225 65r17 and 235 65r17 tire sizes are very similar. 235 65r17 has a slightly larger overall diameter, section width, and circumference than 235 65r17.

Final word

It is always helpful to keep up to date on car tires.  225/65r17 tires have both advantages and disadvantages, but if it fits your car then you can consider buying them. My ultimate advice is to know the requirement of your car.

Find out what are the sizes of the actual tires. Look at the car manual. It should show the built-in tire size. If the sizes match 225/65r17 then you can rely on it. 

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