235 55r17 vs 225 55r17 Tire – Side By Side Comparison

I think you want to know 235 55r17 vs 225 55r17 tires for your vehicle? Then, you need to determine the ideal tire size. Many drivers ignore the specs and decide to go with whatever catches their eye, but that’s not good practice.

In this 235 55r17 vs 225 55r17 tire size breakdown, we will highlight the differences between the two sizes and describe how much impact the tire size can make on safety and performance.

Both 235 55r17 and 225 55r17 tires fit 17-inch rims. Their primary difference is in height, width and circumference. But the dimensional difference is not the only dissimilarity between these two sizes of tires. You will notice a significant change in performance when you move from one of these to the other.

235/55r17 Vs 225/55r17 – Side By Side Comparison Table

235 55r17 vs 225 55r17

Features 235/55r17225/55r17
Overall Diameter27.18 inches26.74 inches
Width9.25 inches8.86 inches
Sidewall Height5.09 inches4.87 inches
Circumference85.38 inches84.02 inches
Revolutions Per Mile742 per mile754 per mile
Construction TypeCross-Ply and RadialRadial
Weight26.8 kg24.6 kg
Road Holding AbilityHigherLower
Steering ResponseLess PreciseMore Precise
Grip Across Multiple SurfacesBetter Dry Surface GripBetter Wet & Dirty Surface Grip

 235 55r17 vs 225 55r17: How Do They Differ?

As we can see there, that 235 75r15 tire has a larger contact patch than a 235 70r15  tire, so that tire comes with better traction. So, here we have to fix which type of tire we need. Now we will talk about the basic differences below.

 Overall Diameter

  • 235 tires have a larger dimension than 225 tires.
  • Broader tire dimension is ideal in some scenarios, but narrower tires can be more beneficial in other situations.

This is the most discernible difference between the two sizes. You’ll notice right away that the 235 size is a little bit wider than the 225 size tire. It offers more stability on the road, which is a big plus for those who love to drive on the highways. However, the bigger dimension makes the 235 a bit heavier.

In essence, the 235 55r17 tire size has an overall diameter of 27.18 inches, whereas the 225 55r17 tire size has an overall diameter of 26.74 inches. These two tire sizes differ by 0.43 inches or roughly 1.6%. The larger tire size can bring about a host of benefits, but the narrower size also gets the edge sometimes, as we will find out in the following sections.


  • 235 tires are wider than 225 tires.
  • Because of its wider surface, the 235 has better traction and on-road stability.

The width, also known as the section width, refers to the distance between the two sidewalls of a tire. The section width of the 235 55r17 size is 9.25 inches, compared to the 8.86 inches of the 225 55r17 size. Thus, 225 55r17 and 235 55r17 have a width difference of around 0.39 inches. That means 235 tires are 4% wider than 225 ones. Wider tires provide better traction.

Sidewall Height

  • 235 tires have a larger sidewall height than 225 tires.
  • 235 tires have a higher risk of suspension damage and improper speedometer ratings because of their larger sidewall height. They are also more difficult to turn.

The distance between the tread’s outer edge and the top of the tire is known as the sidewall height. The 225 55r17 has a 4.87 inches sidewall height compared to the 235 55r17’s 5.09 inches. So, the 235 tire’s sidewall height is 0.22 inches or 4.5% higher than the 225 one. Greater sidewall hide can improve your ride experience, but it can compromise steering responsiveness.


  • 235 tires have a larger circumference than 225 ones.
  • 235 tires should have better traction and stability because of the higher circumference. But, it will compromise the vehicle’s steering responsiveness and acceleration.

The tire’s circumference is the measurement from side to side. The 235 55r17 is 85.38 inches in circumference, whereas the 225 55r17 is 84.02 inches in circumference. This indicates that the 235 55r17 has a circumference that is roughly 1.36 inches or 1.6% larger than the 225 55r17. Bigger tire circumference can give better stability but might affect acceleration negatively.

Revolutions Per Mile

  • 225 tires have faster RPMs.
  • 225 tires will make the vehicle go faster, but it will also get damaged faster.

The number of times the tire will turn in a mile is measured in revolutions per mile (RPM). The 235 55r17 runs at 742 RPM, whereas the 225 55r17 runs at 754. In a mile, the 225 55r17 will travel 12 times farther than the 235 55r17. Wheel RPM also leads to higher engine RPM, which means you will go faster with the 225 tire. That said, the 225 size tire will wear out faster.

Construction Type

  • The 235 55r17 is available in both radial and cross-ply versions.
  • The 225 55r17 is only available in radial.

There are two major types of tire construction; cross-ply and radial. Your car axle is designed either to take a radial tire or a cross-ply one. The 235 55r17 comes in both variations, so you can use them in all vehicles. However, the 225 55r17 only fits radial axles. So, you can only use them in vehicles with radial axles.


  • The 235 55r17 is heavier than its 225 counterpart.
  • The 225 55r17 lowers the vehicle’s fuel consumption because of its low weight.

The 235 55r17 weighs 26.8 kg. On the other hand, the 225 55r17 weighs 24.6 kg. So, the 225 55r17 is 2.2 kg or 8.2% lighter than the 235 55r17. Since it’s lightweight, the 225 55r17 helps the car to have a better fuel economy. However, that’s the only aspect where the tire weight makes a considerable impact. It doesn’t make much difference in the car’s overall performance.

Road Holding Ability

  • The 235 tire has better road traction than the 225 one.

With more width, the braking distance gets reduced on dry pavement. So, the 235 55r17 exhibits better traction than the 225 55r17 on the road. Since the tire has more surface to bite on the road, the 235 tire is more stable on the road, and it’s easier to brake. You won’t have the same level of comfort with 225 tires because of their narrower surface.

Steering Response

  • The 225 tires make the steering more responsive.

You can expect the vehicle to be more responsive to the steering when you are rocking the 225 55r17. The 235 55r17 will not be such a joy to turn corners with. Why does this happen? With the 225 55r 17, you have less sidewall roll to deal with. So, you can expect to have better traction and transmit more torque to the ground when taking turns.

Grip Across Multiple Surface

  • The 235 55r17 is best suited for regular road conditions.
  • The 225 55r17 offers better functionality in harsher road conditions like wet roads and dirty surfaces.

As we pointed out above, the 235 55r17 tire is larger than the 225 55r17, so it has a broader contact area. This gives it better control when the road conditions are normal. But, the broader contact surface will make it more difficult for the tire to navigate wet roads and off-road terrains.

The 225 55r17 can remove more water from underneath the wheels, so it can keep the vehicle more stable while driving in the rain. The lower contact area also proves beneficial to move through pebbles, mud, and sand. In adverse conditions, you want the road contact surface to be narrower for easier navigation.

What Are The Advantages Of 235 55r17 Tire Sizes?

The 235/55R17 tire size is a popular choice for a variety of vehicles, offering several advantages over smaller tire sizes.

With a wider tread width, larger contact patch, and improved handling and stability, this tire size provides better traction, a smoother ride, and increased fuel efficiency.

Additionally, its versatility makes it a great option for drivers looking for a tire that can handle different driving conditions and terrains.

Here are five Points that describe the advantages of the 235/55R17 tire size:

Improved Handling and Stability

The 235/55R17 tire size has a wider tread width compared to smaller tires, which provides better grip and improved handling.

The larger size also helps with stability at higher speeds and when cornering, resulting in a smoother and safer driving experience.

Increased Traction

The 235/55R17 tire size has a larger contact patch, which increases the amount of tire surface area in contact with the road.

This translates to improved traction in both wet and dry conditions, allowing for better acceleration and braking performance.

Enhanced Ride Comfort

The larger size of the 235/55R17 tire also results in a smoother ride due to the increased amount of rubber cushioning between the car and the road.

This can help reduce road noise and vibration, resulting in a more comfortable driving experience.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The 235/55R17 tire size can help improve fuel efficiency due to its lower rolling resistance. This means that the tire requires less energy to keep moving, resulting in improved gas mileage and reduced fuel consumption.


The 235/55R17 tire size is a popular size that can be found on a wide variety of vehicles, including SUVs, crossovers, and sedans.

This makes it a versatile option for drivers who want a tire that can handle different driving conditions and terrain types.

What Are The Advantages Of 225 55r17Tire Sizes?

The 225/55R17 tire size offers several advantages for drivers, including improved performance, better fuel efficiency, enhanced comfort, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

With a high load capacity, durability, and all-season performance, this tire size is a popular choice for a wide range of vehicles.

Here are six Points that describe the advantages of the 225 55r17 tire size:

Improved Performance

The 225/55R17 tire size is a performance-oriented tire size that offers improved handling, cornering, and braking capabilities.

This tire size is often found on sports cars and high-performance sedans due to its ability to provide better traction and handling at high speeds.

Load Capacity

The 225/55R17 tire size has a high load capacity, making it suitable for larger and heavier vehicles such as SUVs and trucks.

This means that the tire can support more weight without compromising on performance, handling, or safety.


The 225/55R17 tire size is widely available, making it easy to find replacements or upgrades for your vehicle.

This tire size can be found at most tire dealerships, as well as online retailers, ensuring that you can easily get the tires you need for your vehicle.


The 225/55R17 tire size is known for its durability and long lifespan. This is due to the tire’s high-quality materials, which are designed to withstand wear and tear over time.

This makes it a cost-effective option for drivers who want a tire that will last for years to come.

All-Season Performance

The 225/55R17 tire size offers excellent all-season performance, making it a great option for drivers who experience a range of weather conditions throughout the year.

This tire size can handle both wet and dry conditions, as well as light snow and icy roads, providing year-round reliability and safety.

Low Profile Design

The 225/55R17 tire size features a low profile design that provides a sporty and stylish look to your vehicle. This design also provides improved handling and responsiveness, making it a popular choice for drivers who want a tire that combines performance and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use 235 55R17 Instead Of 225 65R17?

Yes, you can. The difference in aspect ratio will not matter as long as the rim size is the same. You also have to make sure that the speed rating of the replacement tires is high enough to be used safely in your vehicle. On top of that, you should also replace both tires on the axles.

How Tall Is A 225 55 17 Tire?

The sidewall height of a 225 55r17 tire is 4.87 inches or 123.7 millimeters. This is the distance measured from the top of the tire tread to the edge of the wheel.

What Is The Difference Between 225 50R17 And 225 55R17?

The numbers 50 and 55 here represent aspect ratios. The aspect ratio measures the height of the tires with respect to their width. 50 aspect ratio means the tire’s height is 50% of its width. So, the 225 55r17 will be taller than the 225 50r17. The width of both tires will be the same.

How Wide Is A 235 55 17 Tire?

A 235 55 17 tire is 9.3 inches or 235 millimeters wide. This measurement is taken between the inner sidewall and the outer sidewall of the tire at its widest point.

Final Words

So, what’s the takeaway from this 235 55r17 vs 225 55r17 tire size comparison? Most people will find the 235 tire more appealing because of its versatility and better on-road control. But, the 225 tire can also prove to be an excellent pick for some drivers, especially for those who prioritize fuel economy, responsiveness, higher RPM, off-roading and adverse weather driving.

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