235 70r15 vs 235 75r15 Tire – A Comparative Analysis

We are mostly confused about 235 70r15 vs 235 75r15 tires because we do not understand the basic difference, the features and the advantages of these tires. So, we will be talking about these tires today and will make things clear to you.

What happens? We need a tire for our vehicles, and we get the wrong tire. As a result, we cannot enjoy the full advantages and use it properly.

Actually, 235 70r15 and 235 75r15 are appropriate for vehicles. But the tires give us different types of features and advantages, so in this case we have to know the facts and use them in the right manner.

Here we will have the basic to advanced features that will help you to choose the right one. We will be showing you the proper difference between 235 70r15 vs 235 75r15.

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235 70r15 vs 235 75r15

What is a 235 70r15 in inches tire? Features discussion

We generally use 28 inch size tires on vehicles, 235 70r15 is one from this variation. It comes with some features that we will discuss here. We will now explain the features to you.

  • Tire diameter is 28 inches
  • Section width is 9.3 inches
  • Wheel diameter is 15 inches
  • It gives 722 revolutions per mile
  • Circumference is 87.8 inches
  • Exact fit for 6 inches to 8 inches wheels
  • Sidewall 6.48 inches

Advantages of 235 70r15 tire

235 70r15 tires have some advantages over other similar tires. Due to the size and width, it comes with a larger contact patch with ground. It gives better grip and traction on road, so when we need to drive on off road features, 235 70r15 have proven good performance.

Speeding is a feature where the tire plays an important role, from this perspective 235 70r15 tire is good for speeding. It is made for long drives and you can use it without any extra worries.

What is a 235 75r15 tire? Features discussion

How would we know that we are using a 235 75r15 tire? For that we have to focus on a few matters, such as the cross section is 235 millimeters wide, that is significant.

Then the 75 is the Aspect ratio on these tires, which is different from 235 70r15 tires. Also it is the ratio of sidewall heights. On the other hand, the diameter of these wheels are 15 inches. It is standard for vehicles.

Here we are mentioning the features of 235 75r15 tire in short notes:

  • The tire diameter is 28.88 inches
  • Tire width is 9.25 inches
  • Sidewall height is 6.94 inches
  • Required Rim size 15 inches
  • Circumference is 90.72 inches
  • You will get Revs per mile 698

We will also discuss the advantages of using 235 75r15 tires

Advantages of 235 75r15 tire

235 75r15 tires have several benefits that make them unique for vehicles. We will now tell you the core benefits and advantages of using this. Here you will know the facts and it will help you to understand the benefits.

If we want to know the basic advantage of this 235 75r15 tire then we will say that it comes with better gripping power on off road and showy roads. So, it will help you to have better control while driving.

But, if we compare with a 235 70r15 tire, then we will get lower mileage and speed with this tire. Better grip means more attachment with the road and you get less speed for driving.

comparison between 235 70r15 vs 235 75r15 tires?

Let’s talk about the core things, the 235 75r15 tire is larger than the 235 70r15 tire, and it comes with better grip and coverage on the road. So, it helps a lot while driving on the road or on snow. 

235 75r15 tires have higher sidewall than 235 70r15 tires, so a bigger tire will give you a bit higher position while driving. There are durability issues for tires depending on our use.

Here, if we use the 235 70r15 tire for smooth roads, as much as we use it on flat roads, it is perfect, but 235 75r15 tires are for driving on the off road.

So, if we talk about the durability point of view, then these are for different types of road conditions. Here if we use the wrong set of tires, your tire will not give you expected level or performance and will not last longer.

Let’s look at the chart to understand the basic differences:

Diameter28.88 inches27.95 inches
Section width9.25 inches9.25 inches
Sidewall6.94 inches6.48 inches
Tire TypeA Radial-Ply tireA Radial-Ply tire
Rim Size15 inches15 inches
Circumference90.72 inches  87.82 inches
Revs per mile698721
TerrainOffroadFlat Road
Radius28.88 inches27.95 inches
Rim Width235 mm235 mm
PerformanceFor Rough roadSuits flat road

235 70r15 vs 235 75r15 tires: How Do They Differ?

As we can see there, that 235 75r15 tire has a larger contact patch than a 235 70r15  tire, so that tire comes with better traction. So, here we have to fix which type of tire we need. Now we will talk about the basic differences below.


If we talk about the radius of these two tires, we will notice that the size is different. The 235 75r15 tire has a 28.88 inch radius, while the 235 70r15 tire has a radius of 27.95 inches.

These two types of tire are made for two different purposes that it fulfills well. We can select any of these by the individual models.

Section Width

We have to keep one thing in mind, these two tires 235 75r15 tire and 235 70r15 tire are made for the same rim size, so the section width is also the same. The section width of these tires are both 9.25 inches. So, usually these tires are made for similar size of wheels.

Rim Size

As mentioned these both tires 235 75r15 tire and 235 70r15 tire are for the same size of rims. Those vehicles, cars, SUV, Light trucks having rim size of 15 inches can easily use these tires.

We can tell that you do not have to worry about the rim adjustment for these tires as these are made for the same size.


Circumference is the total distance around the tire, so as we know 235 75r15 tire is a larger one the circumference is 90.72 inches due to its larger construction. On the other hand, 235 70r15 tires have 87.82 inches circumference. The outer size is different for these two tires.

Rim Width

We know the tire models are 235 75r15 tire and 235 70r15 tire, where the rim width is mentioned in the model numbers. The rim width is 235mm and it is mentioned in the model numbers, when you buy you can be sure that these are for 235mm width rims.

Tire Diameter

As we have seen, the tire diameter is not the same. The 235 75r15 tire comes with a size of 28.88 inches and the 235 70r15 tire is 27.95 inches. Here we can see that the 235 70r15 tire is smaller in diameter. These are made for the same size of rim that we can install on our vehicles.

With a bigger size tire we can have better ground clearance and we will have a better look on the road. So, based on our requirements we can get the right tire. If we use our vehicle in an urban area, then the smaller size is perfect, but for offroad, you need a bigger one.


We have here two different sizes of tires, one is with larger size and higher sidewall the 235 75r15 tire, it is a good choice for your mountain trails and offroad. 235 75r15 tire sidewall height is 6.94 inches and 235 70r15 tire sidewall height is 6.48, these makes difference on the tire use.

You will have less risk of puncture with this one. On the other hand, the smaller size and with low sidewall are for better urban driving. Here you can choose from these two variations based on your driving type.


We have marked these two tires of two different types of terrain, such as the larger tire will suit your offroad driving type. If you live in a hilly area or you need to go offroad very often then the larger size 235 75r15 tire is a perfect suit. On the other hand, 235 70r15 tires are for urban areas, with it you can cruise smoothly.


While driving speed is a factor with these two tires you will get different types of performance. 235 70r15 is a good urban fit, with this you can have better speed. Here this tire gives a smooth driving experience on the road.

But on the contrary, 235 75r15 is a larger tire that gives us better grip on earth, it is fine on off road but it is not good for urban roads, it will give slower speed.

Driving Comfort

We have discussed all kinds of features and advantages about both 235 75r15 and 235 70r15 tires. Now we know that these two types of tire are made for two different purposes. We can easily use 235 70r15 on flat roads and get better performance.

On the other hand, 235 75r15 is considered to be an off road tire that we can use for mountain areas. Was I confused? We have made it easy to understand to let you know the difference. So, you know where to use which kind of tire now.

How to choose the right Tire?

We have been talking about 235 75r15 and 235 70r15 but there is more tire variation in vehicle tires. So, today we will discuss the process of choosing a tire. All these factors are important and it will help us to pick the proper tire.


There are different sizes of tires, such as 235 75r15 is larger than 235 70r15 tires. Here we have to carefully choose the right size of tire. Why will we take the right size tire? As if we need to drive on the highway, we need 70r, but for driving on off road we need to take 235 75r15 tires.


The tires are not only made for different purposes, the design is also a major factor. Here if we look at the basic difference of 235 75r15 and 70r, then there are some design based differences. 75 r tires have larger size, higher sidewalls and some more facts.

Road Performance

Different types of tires have different types of performance on the road. For an example, 235 70r15 tires are perfect for flat roads, you can speed with your vehicle easily.

On the other hand, 235 75r15is a tire for driving on off road, it has better climbing and snow driving capability. So, on the road you will get better performance with 235 75r15 tires.

Grip on Road

If we look at the tire grip on the road, then we will notice that all tires are not the same. Such as we will get good grip on flat roads with 235 70r15 tires. But this tire is not perfect for offroad, it will have less grip on offroads.

On the other hand, 235 75r15 is an off road tire, here you will get better grip on the surface, but this tire is not perfect for flat roads.


When we use a tire properly and on the right surface, we can use it for a longer time. For example, if we use 235 70r15 tires on flat roads and 235 75r15 tires off-road, here we have to use the right type of tire at the right type of terrain, so it will make the tires durable. For wrong use, tires may last for less time.

Ground Clearance

As we know that 235 75r15 tires are larger than 235 70r15 tires then we will get more ground clearance from this one. Here it matters not only the size and height of the tire, but also it increases the vehicle height that gives more ground clearance.

It helps us to drive on the off roads easily. Based on all these criteria, you can now choose the tires properly and here we have to be selective based on our requirements. Now we will discuss some common queries. 235 70r15 vs 235 75r15

What is 235 75r15 height and performance

The height of a 235 75R15 tire can be calculated by multiplying the tire’s aspect ratio (75) by its width (235) and then dividing the result by 100. This calculation yields a tire height of approximately 176.25 millimeters.

In terms of performance, 235 75R15 tires are known for their all-season capabilities and good traction on a variety of surfaces. The 235 75R15 tires are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, pickup trucks, and van They also have a relatively smooth ride and are suitable for use on both highway and off-road terrain.

One of the main benefits of a 235 75R15 tire is that it provides a good balance between handling and load carrying capacity. The tire’s width allows for a comfortable ride and good traction, while the aspect ratio (the ratio of the tire’s height to its width) helps to reduce the tire’s rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency.

Yes, when it comes to choosing a 235 75R15 tire, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your vehicle and driving habits. For example, if you frequently drive in wet or slippery conditions, you may want to look for a tire with a higher tread depth and better wet weather performance.

On the other hand, if you prioritize a quiet and comfortable ride, you may want to choose a tire with a more specialized tread pattern and softer compound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Some times drivers and vehicle owners have many questions on their minds regarding which tire type they should select for their vehicles. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding 235 70r15 and 235 75r15 tires are given below:

What is the difference between 225 75R15 and 225 70R15?

These tires are for 225 size rim and both are 9 inches wide and 15 inches in size. But the major difference is the size, 225 70R15 is 27 inches and 225 75R15 is 28 inches. So, we can easily identify these both tires.

How Tall Is A 235 70R15 Tire?

235 70R15 is a flat surface road tire, it comes with 6.5 inches (165mm) high side wall and that ensures the proper grip and traction on road. For flat surfaces it is the best tire.

What Tire Size Is Equivalent To 235 75R15?

At first we have to understand the size of a 235 75R15 tire, if we convert it then it is 28.9X9 inches. Also the size dimension is 9.3 inches. So, we now know the real size of this tire.

What Does LT235 75R15 Mean?

This tire is perfect for vehicles, these are for light and heavy duty tires. So, when you see this number on any tires then it is easy to understand the size LT, which means Light Truck

What Are The Most Common 15 Inch Tire Sizes?

There are different types of 15 inch tires available such as P235/75R15, P205/65R15, and the P215/70R15. All the R15 tires are for 15 inches rim. The widths are from 215mm to 235mm. So, based on this ratio we can collect the necessary type of tire for our vehicle.

Final Words

We have been talking about 235 70r15 vs 235 75r15 and we have discussed the benefits, advantages and differences. Now you can now easily use these tires on your vehicle. So, it is an easy task for you to pick the right tire from 235 70r15 vs 235 75r15.

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