235 75r15 vs 225 75r15 Tire Size: Which Will Be Best?

Looking for the best 235 75r15 vs 225 75r15 comparison? You have come to the right place. 235 75r15 and 225 75r15 are the two most prominent tires in the market and they are being used in most common and popular car models. In this article, you will know:

  • The summary comparison of these two tires
  • Detailed overview of the comparison
  • Car models and alternative tire of these two tires

We will examine how they differ in terms of size, weight, speed rating, and other elements that have an impact on their functionality and uses. This article will assist you in choosing the correct tire size for your vehicle, whether you are a car enthusiast or a professional driver.

Comparison Table of 235 75r15 vs 225 75r15 Tire Size

235 75r15 vs 225 75r15 Tire Size

Before going to the detailed comparison section, lets have quick look on the brief side-by-side comparison of these two tires:

Features235 75r15 Tire Size225 75r15 Tire size
Width (mm)235225
Aspect Ratio7575
Overall Diameter (mm)733.5718.5
Circumference (mm)2304.362257.23
Revolutions Per Mile (km)433.96443.02
Radius (mm)366.75359.25
Rim Diameter (mm)381.00381.00
Sidewall Height (mm)176.25168.75
Load CapacityP (2,183 lbs)D (2,540 lbs)
Rim Width Range (mm)152.40-215.90152.40-203.20
Weight29 lbs29 lbs
Tread Depth (mm)25.425.4

Detailed Comparison Between 235 75r15 vs 225 75r15 Size

Now, lets see the detailed comparison between these two tires from different aspects:

Width (mm)

  • The width is also called the section width of the tire.
  • Wider tire is useful in mostly winter season and less wider tire is useful mostly in summer season.

The width of the 235/75r15 is 235 mm and for 225/75r15 is 225 mm. The difference between these two tires is 10mm. Which means the 235/75r15 tire is wider than 225/75r15 tire.

Aspect Ratio

  • Aspect ratio means the percentage of tire height than its width. (e.g. 75 aspect ration means its height is 70% of its width)
  • It is calculate din percantage

The digit before the r is noted as the aspect ratio of a tire. Here, the aspect ratio is 75 for both. That means, both of the tires’ height is 75% of their width

Overall Diameter (mm)

  • The approximate diameter of an inflated, unloaded tire.
  • To find the diameter, the sidewall height will be multiplied by 2 and then add the rim diameter
  • Larger diameter tire can provide better traction

The total diameter of tires in the 235 75r15 size is roughly 28.9 inches (734 mm). Comparatively, the overall diameter of a tire with a 225 75r15 size is around 28.4 inches (721 mm). This means that the total diameter of the 235 75r15 tire is somewhat bigger than the 225 75r15 tire size.

Circumference (mm)

  • Circumference is the distance around the outer edge of the tire
  • It is calculated by multiplying the tire diameter by 3.14
  • This value affects the rotational speed and rotation per mile of a tire
  • It has affect on the fuel economy and speedometer rating too.

The 235 75r15 tire size has an approximate diameter of 90.8 inches (2308 mm), whereas the 225 75r15 tire size has an approximate circumference of 89.1 inches (2262 mm). This indicates that compared to 225 75r15 tire size, 235 75r15 tire size has a little bigger diameter.

Revolutions Per Mile (km)

  • The number of times a tire rotates in one mile of driving
  • It affects the speedometer accuracy and fuel efficiency
  • The speedometer read slightly higher than the actual speed of a lower revolution tire

The revolutions per mile for the 235 75r15 tire size are around 433.96 (km), whereas the revolutions per miles for the 225 75r15 tire size are roughly 443.02. (km).

This indicates that compared to 225 75r15 tire size, the 235 75r15 tire size has a lesser rotation per mile.

Radius (mm)

  • It is the distance from the center of the wheel to the outside edge of the tire
  • Generally, it is half the diameter
  • It has affect on the handling and stability

The radius of a 235 75r15 tire is around 14.45 inches (367 mm), whereas that of a 225 75r15 tire is roughly 14.20 inches (360 mm).

This indicates that compared to 225 75r15 tire size, 235 75r15 tire size has a little greater radius.

Rim Diameter (mm)

  • It is the diameter of the wheel where the tire will be placed
  • It has affects on the performance of the vehicle

The 235 75r15 tire size is intended to fit on a 15-inch rim diameter, while the 225 75r15 tire size is similarly intended to do so. This indicates that the rim diameter is the same for both tire sizes.

All tire sizes have the same rim diameter, however it’s vital to remember that the total width of the tire might change depending on the particular make and model.

Sidewall Height (mm)

  • It is the distance from the rim to the outer edge of the tread
  • It affects the ride comfort, stability, and handling
  • Smaller sidewall height results better handling at higher speed but low shock absorvance

The sidewall height of a 235 75r15 tire is roughly 6.8 inches (176.25 mm), whereas that of a 225 75r15 tire is around 6.7 inches (168.75 mm).

This indicates that compared to the 225 75r15 tire size, the 235 75r15 tire size has a somewhat higher sidewall height.

Load Capacity

  • Load capacity refers to the load carrying limit of a tire under normal operating condition
  • Lower load capacity can cause tire failure, loss of control

From the above table, we can see that the 235/75r15 tire has the load index P and the capacity is 2,183 lbs. In the other hand, the 225/75r15 has the load index of D and the capacity of 2,540 lbs. That means the 225/75r15 has the higher load capacity than the 235/75r15 tire.

Rim Width Range (mm)

  • The accepted range of rim that can fit with the tire.
  • Wrong tire range cannot be fitted with the tire and can cause accident

The suggested rim width range for the 235/75R15 tire size is typically between 152.4 and 215.90 mm.

This indicates that the tire’s performance won’t be impacted by mounting it on rims that fall within this range of widths. Identical to that, the 225/75r15 approved rim width range is 152.4-252.20 mm.


  • Incompatible weighted tire cannot match with the vehicle
  • It has affect on handling, stability, and speed.

Both of the tires has the same weight range of 29lbs. That means these two tire has the same type of weight range.

Tread Depth (mm)

  • This is the difference between the top level to the deepest groove of the tire’s bottom surface.
  • Deeper tread depth provides more traction

From the above table, we see that both of the tires has the same tread depth. That means, both of the tires provide the same traction for the vehicle.

Alternative Tire Sizes of 235/75r15 and 225/75r15

To choose the alternative tire sizes of these two tires, you have to remember that the overall diameter differences between the original tire and the new tire should be within 3%. Below, we will show the 10 alternatives of these two tires:

Tire SizeDiameter DifferencesTire SizeDiameter Differences

Which Cars Use 235/75r15 Tire?

Vehicle BrandModel and YearYear
ChevroletSuburban 15001999
Express LT2001-2002
Ram Van 15001999-2003
Ram Wagon 15001999-2002
Ford  Explorer1999-2001
Explorer Sport2001
Savana SLT2001-2002
Honda  Passport1999
MitshubishiMontero Sport1999-2003

What Cars Use 225/75r15 Tire?

Vehicle BrandModel and YearYear

Our Opinion on 235/7515 vs 225/75r15 Tires

Based on our inspection and research, the 235/75r15 tire is mostly suitable for those who like to drive wider tire and higher sidewall profile. Though it provide lower revolution per mile than the 225/75r15, it can be a good choice.

The 225/75r15 is also a good choice for those who likes a lower profile and less wide tire. It provides good revolution per mile than the 235/75r15 tire. The selection of any of these tires completely depends on your rim size, car compatibility.

Final Thoughts

So, we provided every details about these two tires and also, we provided our experts opinion about choosing the best one. This is crucial to choose the suitable tire for your vehicle.

Some tires can increase your car’s aesthetic look but you may not get the optimal performance due to improper fitting and imbalance. Before choosing the tire from one of them, always check with your car dealer or car manufacturer to get the best result. Happy driving!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these two tires are interchangeable?

Ans: Yes, the 235/75r15 and 225/75r15 tire are both interchangeable. You can see from the above table of alternative tire list that they both are compatible with each other.

Which tire can provide better traction?

Ans: Both tire can provide better traction as they both have the same tread depth. As the traction amount depends on tread depth, the depth are both same.

Can I mix these tires in my vehicle?

Ans: It is not better to mix different size of tire in one vehicle. But, some of the drivers do that. Before doing that, you have to consult with a mechanic or contact your car manufacturer.

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