What Is 245/65r17 Tire Size In Inches?: In-Depth Guide

Are you seeking a tire size that provides the perfect balance of stability, comfort, and performance? Is it the 245/65r17 tire size that you are planning to buy but have questions in your mind?

If yes, then I have something helpful for you and your car. Well, 245/65R17 is one of the best tire sizes in the market! Its wide design, durability, and versatility have made this tire size a popular choice for a variety of vehicles, including SUVs, crossovers, trucks, and vans.

This tire size is ideal for those who wish to purchase a tire that can handle harsh off-road conditions or a tire that provides a smooth ride on the highway. Now let’s take a look at the features of this size tire!

What does 245/65 R17 tire size in inches mean?

Once you have mastered the art of reading tire sizes, you will find them easy to understand. The following is a brief explanation of what those numbers and indicators on the 245/65r17 tire size sidewall mean:

245- The number indicates that the tire measures 245 millimeters or 9.65 inches in width.

65- This number indicates that your tire has an aspect ratio of 65%. Alternatively, the sidewall height of your tire (from the edge of the rim to its tread) is 65% of its width. In this case, the height of the sidewalls is 159 millimeters or 6.27 inches.

R- The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information about the construction of your tires. Here r means the tire is radial constructed. It is estimated that 99% of all tires sold today are radial in construction. On the other hand, B is for Bias Belt and D is for Diagonal tire. 

17- This tire size is designed to fit wheels and rims measuring 17 inches in diameter.

245/65r17 tire size Features table

What Is 24565r17 Tire Size In Inches

To make your knowledge clear and details on 245/65r17 tire size in inches, here I am mentioning almost every feature in this table. Most people find the manual on the tire unknown.

As a result, they struggle to find the perfect tire size for their cars. But this table will hopefully make you an expert on the 245/65r17 tire size in inches. 

Features245/65r17 tire size in inches
Sidewall Height          6.27 inches
Overall tire diameter 29.54 inches
Tire Section Width9.65 inches
Circumference92.80 inches
Revolutions per Mile (RPM)424 mph
Radius 14.77 inches
Rim Diameter17 inches
Rim Width Range                   7-8.50 inches
Construction TypeA-Radial Ply Tire
Aspect Ratio65

245/65r17 tire size in inches Analysis

Along with the 245/65r17 tire size table mentioned above, here I am detailing the definition of the different features of this tire. Understanding the definition of every feature is important for car owners. It helps to make a proper decision while buying new tires. 

Sidewall Height

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a tire is its sidewall height. There is a distance between the edge of the tire and the rim of the tire that is known as sidewall height. Tires with a sidewall height of 245 65r17 have a 6.27-inch sidewall. 

Overall tire Diameter

There’s an overall diameter of 29.54 inches on the 245 65r17 tires. Higher sidewalls make your car look sporty. This can result in a better handling experience for your vehicle as well as a more comfortable driving experience.

The Section width

A 245/65R17 tire measures 9.6 inches wide or 245 mm at its widest point, excluding decorations, protective ribs, or raised letters. Tread width, cross-section width, and section width are also terms that refer to the tire width.

It is good practice to measure tire width after properly inflating and mounting the tire on its industry-specific measuring rim without putting any load on it. 


The circumference of a tire serves as a measure of how far it travels during one revolution. A pair of 245 65r17 tires measures 92.80 inches in circumference. It affects a vehicle’s speedometer, odometer, and gear ratio.  

Revolutions Per Mile

Approximately 424 mph or 682 kph is the maximum speed of the 245 65r17 tires. When a tire is measured in RPM, it represents how many times it has to roll to cover one mile.

Therefore, it takes 424 rolls of 245 65r17 tire size to cover one mile. In general, a vehicle that runs at a higher RPM will run at a faster speed. 


In accordance with the 245 65r17 tire specification, the radius is 14.77 inches. Using the sidewall height and the radius of the rims, you can determine the actual radius of a tire.

If you understand the radius of a tire, you will be able to obtain spare parts for it more easily. 

Rim diameter

In making a comparison between these two types of tires, it is also essential to consider the diameter of the rim or wheel. It is 17 inches in diameter for the rims of the 245 65r17 tires.

As a result, a tire of this size will fit on a wheel with a diameter of 17 inches. A larger rim diameter will increase the safety of your vehicle while driving.

Rim Width Range

For a given tire size, the rim width range refers to the acceptable range of rim widths. Tire manufacturers specify a recommended rim width range for each size to ensure optimal tire performance, safety, and durability.

In the case of the 245/65r17 tire size, the recommended rim width ranges from 7 inches to 8.5 inches. This means the tire can fit on rims within this width range, but rims outside this range can compromise the tire’s safety and performance.

Construction Type

Radial tires have a construction type of 245 65r17. A 245 65r17 tire has R as part of its name, which indicates that the layers run radially. The typical wheel size for passenger vehicles is R.

In general, tires with this type of construction are the most common. You will experience a smoother ride as a result. Further, it minimizes the build-up of heat.

Aspect ratio

After the slash and before the letter R in the sequence, you can find the aspect ratio, which is the height of the tire’s sidewall. The aspect ratio of the 245/65r17 tire is 65.

According to this formula, the tire’s height equals 65% of its width, and thus the larger the aspect ratio, the wider the tire’s sidewalls.

More features of the 245/65r17 tire size in inches table. 

Features245/65r17 tire size in inches
PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch)44 psi
Load Index111 & 107
Load Capacity2403 lbs
Maximum Speed                    118 mph
Speedometer RatingT
Tread Depth               13/32 inches
Typical Weight34 lbs
Actual Speed              61.06 mph

More on 245/65r17 tire size in inches Analysis


The 245/65R17 111 XL Extra Load tire supports up to 2403 pounds at 42 psi when inflated to its maximum air pressure of 111. The 245/65R17 107 SL tire has a load index of 107 and a maximum load capacity of 2149 pounds at 36 pounds per square inch. 

Load Index

A tire’s load index indicates how much weight it can support. In most cases, you will not be able to see the load index number on the tire size as it follows the wheel diameter. Each tire has usually two load indexes symbol, a standard index, and an extra load index. 

For 245/65r17 tire size, the load index symbol is 111 XL which is 2403 pounds. You can find out the maximum load for 111 from the load index standard chart. The standard load index symbol for 245/65R17 is 107 SL.  

Load Capacity

The 245/65r17 tires have a load capacity of 2403 pounds. This means that the 245/65r17 tire size has the capability of supporting up to 2403 pounds or 1090 kilograms. 

Maximum Speed

Your tires’ speed index tells you what maximum speed they can handle. At the end of the sequence, find the letter after the load index to learn what your tire’s maximum speed is.

In this case represents a specific maximum speed of 118 mph for the 245/65r17 tire size. The different letters indicate different maximum speeds, like H for 130 mph.

Speedometer Rating

In terms of speed rating, the 245/65r17 tire size has a T rating. A tire’s speed rating indicates its maximum service speed. Although speed ratings provide information on how well a tire handles and corners, they do not recommend exceeding speed limits.

The recommendation is to replace speed-rated tires with tires that have an equivalent or higher speed rating. This means that the 245/65r17 tire can be replaced with T, U, H, V, W, Y, or Y (above). 

Tread Depth

To determine tread depth, measure from the top of the tread rubber to the bottom deep groove on the tire. A 245 65r17 tire has a tread depth of 13/32 inches. A measurement of 6/32 inches of tread depth or deeper is the ideal measurement for tread depth.

You should consider changing your tires if the measurement falls below 4/32 inches. There is no difference in tread depth between the two tires.

Typical Weight

Depending on the specific model and make of the tire, the weight of a 245/65R17 tire can vary. There is a great deal of variation depending on the manufacturers and their designs. The average weight of a 245/65r17 tire size is approximately 34 pounds.

Actual Speed

There are a lot of factors that determine how fast a tire will go, including the tire’s construction, the weight of the vehicle, and the tire’s speed rating. In comparison with the speedometer reading, this is the true speed at which the vehicle is traveling. For a tire size of 245/65r17, the actual speed is 61.06 mph. 


In the tire industry, the term “UTQG” refers to a uniform tire quality grading system. The system facilitates the comparison and rating of tires on the basis of tread wear, traction, and temperature.

A tire’s traction is how much grip it has. In the temperature rating, you can see how well the tires disperse heat. There are three ratings: superior (A), good (B), and average (C) for traction and temperature.

For example, the 245/65r17 tire size with UTQG 600 A B represents the tire’s comparative wear compared to the rated 100. So, the tire rated at 600 would last six times as long as the government’s mandated tire. 

Pros and Cons of 245/65r17 tire size

There are some pros and cons to the 245 65r17 tire, as there are many other tires around the globe. Below are some of the pros and cons of the 245 65r17 tire.


  • It’s good looking
  • Enhanced speed
  • Improved handling
  • The ability to carry more loads
  • It performs better on dry surfaces
  • A higher level of durability
  • Better performance on off-road terrain


  • The noise level is a bit high
  • Gas mileage is slightly below average

Alternative to 245/65R17 tires size in inches

You can choose wider wheels or tires with smaller sidewalls using the chart below instead of the 245/65R17 tire size. It’s best to stay within 3% of the tire diameter, so you can choose wider wheels or smaller sidewalls. 

Tire sizeDiameterDifference

Point of View

It can be confusing to choose the right size. My advice is to always read the owner’s manual from the manufacturer that makes the vehicle. A 245/65r17 tire size in inches can provide you with better performance if you wish to upgrade your tire.

Besides better road grip, they also provide excellent durability and less rolling assistance. But it all depends on your car and the type of road you drive. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of vehicles use 245/65R17 tires? 

The types of vehicles that use 245/65r17 tires are trucks, SUVs, and crossovers which are mainly older models.

Well, you can include the Ford Explorer, Hyundai Veracruz, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Toyota Highlander on the list.

In this case all-season 245/65r17 tires are your best bet if you just use your SUV for commuting, running errands, and an occasional road trip.

A good all-season tire will handle well even in light snow, provide a comfortable ride, be quiet on the road, and handle predictably. 

Is there any replacement for the 245/65r17 tire size in inches?

Keeping within the 3% range of tire diameter, you can choose wider wheels or tires with smaller sidewalls as alternatives to the 245/65R17 tire size.

In general, it is advisable to avoid reducing the diameter of the wheel. It is also advisable to stick to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What rims will fit the 245/65r17 tire size?

Typically, there are several wheel sizes associated with each tire size. If you have very wide tires, you cannot put them on narrow rims, and vice versa.

In order to mount 245/65R17 tires, you will require rims measuring 17 inches by 7 inches to 8 inches (LT tires 7-8 inches). 

Final word

It’s always safe to keep your vehicle’s size tolerances in mind when choosing tires. Incorrectly sized tires can result in steering wheel pull, rubbing against the suspension or body of the vehicle, reducing clearance on hills, and causing a stiffer or noisier ride. Hopefully, this article will at least keep you aware of the 245/65r17 tire size and its specifications. After reading this you should not hesitate to decide while ordering a new tire. 

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