How Wide of a Rim for 12.5 Tires? – Complete Guide

Do you want to get new rims for your 12.5 tires but don’t know which rim size will best fit your tires? If so, you might be wondering, “how wide of a rim for 12.5 tires” just like other people.

You don’t need to worry; here in this resourceful guide, I provide all the necessary detailed information for you to solve this problem.

Rim width is one of the most crucial points to consider for new rims to adjust with your tires. This guide will help you understand the necessary aspects that you must consider before choosing new rims.

In addition, a rim width tire size chart is also included in the following parts. It will help you know the recommended rim widths for different tire sizes. So, dig through the whole content for further details.  

Things to Consider for New Rims? 

How Wide of a Rim for 12.5 Tires

There are several important aspects you should consider whenever you want to have new rims. Tire size, wheel diameter, materials, offset, rim width and other things play a crucial role in picking the right rims.

In addition, consider the following things for your new rims; we are certain you will have great rims to perfectly fit your tires. 

Tire size

First, consider the tire size you are looking for new rims. A quick chart of tire sizes and their recommended rim widths are given below to make this choice super easy for you. You should follow this formula, a perfect rim size is always less than half of your desired tire’s overall diameter.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter is the next important thing that you must consider to get the right rim size. The larger the wheel diameter is, the costlier the tire and wheel will be.

Choose a rim size that is less than half of your tire’s overall diameter. For example, if your tire’s overall diameter is 37″, a 16 or 17-inch rim size is a perfect match for your tire.


Wheel material is another key point to consider whenever you want new rims. You can choose either stainless steel or alloy wheels to get maximum durability and optimal performance for your vehicle.

Wheel weight also depends mostly on its material and on its size as well. So, pick the rim material to get the best performance out of it.

Rim Width

Another important feature that you must consider is the rim width for choosing new wheels. Rim width plays the most important role in fitting your tire into new wheels.

If a 7.5″ wheel’s rim width is bigger than 235 millimetres then it won’t fit your stock tires. Every tire is constructed to match its recommended rim width. That’s why picking a wheel with less or greater than 2-3 inches of your tire is a smart choice. 

Wheel Offset

The offset of a wheel is the gap between its assembling surface and its centerline. Backspacing, on the contrary, refers to the separation between the mounting surface and the back lip of the wheel.

However, positive offset rims make it possible to insert wider tires without having them emerging from the wheel. Positive offset wheels are frequently used by 4×4 users to prevent clearance problems.

Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern is another must-consider feature to have a perfect fit wheel for your vehicle. In some cases, adapters can transform the bolt pattern, but you must make sure it fits your axle’s bolt design.

For example, new JKs come with a 5(the lugs numbers)-on-5(bolt circle’s diameter in inches) bolt design, while on the contrary, older XJs and TJs come with bolt pattern 5-on-4.5.


Many people think that wheel offset and backspacing are the same thing. But for your kind information, backspacing refers to the gap between the back lip and the mounting surface of the wheel.

On the other hand, wheel offset refers to the separation between the centre line and the assembly point of the wheel. 

Both term offset and backspacing are almost similar to each other. However, a deep backspacing is similar to a positive offset, while shallow backspacing is similar to a negative offset. 

Bead Seat

The Bead Seat of a rim/wheel is another key point to consider for having new rims for your stock tires. Wheel bead seat aid with perfect air pressure and helps to ensure your tires are perfectly seating on the wheel without failure.

In addition, the plus point of the bead seat is “taller and wider seat bead lets you air down your tires without removing them from the wheels.” Securing bolt clamps of beadlock wheels keeps your tires mounting even with zero air pressure.

Center Bore

You should consider the center bore, which refers to the wheel’s center hole. Your wheel’s bolt pattern is connected to its size. For example, if the bolt pattern is smaller, the center bore will be small as well. On the contrary, if the bolt pattern is large, then the center bore will be larger too.  

The Center bore plays a crucial role during attaching to full floating axles and over-locking hubs. Hub centric wheel uses a center bore to install on the axle, while the lug-centric wheel uses lug nuts to install on the wheel. 

Load Rating

The last thing to consider for having new rims is the wheel’s load rating. Wheels/rims come with load ratings, and the bolt pattern and wheel’s construction play an important role in determining load ratings.

When contrasting to cast aluminium wheels, steel wheels are often evaluated at lower loads. On the other hand, forged wheels have the greatest load ratings. 

A wheel’s design will have a higher load rating if it has a larger bolt circle and additional lug nuts. It helps to distribute the loads evenly for better balance.

Rim Width Tire Size Chart – Recommended Rim Widths For Different Tire Sizes.

Different tires require different rim widths to fit perfectly. Here we have included a rim width tire size chart for your better understanding.

So, let’s have a look at the following table to find what rim widths will fit different tire sizes. This table will show you recommended rim widths for different tire sizes.  

Estimated Rim Width
Tire Cross-Sectional Width

Will a 12.5 Tire Fit on a 9.5 Rim?

Many people find changing tires according to wheel size is the most challenging car modification. So, if you are interested in changing your tire size to 12.5, you may be wondering if it will fit your 9.5″ wheels. The short answer to your question is yes, you can have 12.5″ tires for your 9.5″ rims. 

Avoid fitting the official wheel width with the tire width; otherwise, you will end up with a wider wheel. A 12.5″ tire refers to its widest point being 12.5, halfway up from the tire’s sidewall.

The bead seat and tread on the wheel will always be 2″ less. However, your 9.5 rims will fit 12.5 tires perfectly because they can accommodate up to 13″ tires as well.

12.5 Wide Tire on 10 Rim

If you want to fit your 12.5 wide tires on a 10″ rim, you will get better performance. But upgrading your 12.5 tire with over 10″ rim then it will be a big problem. Several 4×4 runners mentioned that a 10″ rim works great while an 8″ rim will wear your tire’s life faster. 

As you know already from the previous discussion, a 12.5 “tire can accommodate from 8″ to 13″ rims. Rim width 10” for 12.5 tires is the perfect diameter for many people, so you can try them for your vehicle.

However, if you want to fit your 12.5 tires on a 10 inch rim, it totally depends on your choice and needs. So, choose wisely before having a new rim size for your 12.5 tires. 

Rim Width for 35×12.5

The rim width for 35×12.5 depends on your choice and also on weather conditions and the terrain you want to drive. With 12.50″ broad tires, you can pair with wheels about 8 to 10 inches wide.

The majority prefer an 8″ width over a 10″ width because they believe it lessens the likelihood of a “popped bead”. However, there is no empirical evidence to support this claim on any path other than the most difficult ones.

The best solution in one circumstance might not be the best solution in another. Where I currently reside, wintertime snowmobiling is just as common as midsummer rock climbing. 

For example, the men who have spent their entire lives snow wheeling appear to have no problems with 10″ rime. They are comfortable with less pressure in winter and a little higher pressure for the same 10″ rim for good weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some strange questions may pop up in your mind right now. Now let me answer some frequently asked questions for you to satisfy your query. So, let’s check out the following frequently asked questions and their answers. 

What Importance Has Rim Quality?What Importance Has Rim Quality?

Rims are the most important parts that determine your car’s overall performance. A rim is not just a style of your car, perfect fit rims ensure a comfortable riding experience with great performance.

If you have a pair of rims with great quality, they will definitely increase your vehicle’s overall performance.

So, rim quality is very important for enjoying a comfortable ride and improved performance. Make sure your desired rims fit perfectly with your 12.5-inch tires; otherwise, it will decrease your vehicle’s overall performance. 

How Wide is a 12.5 Tire?

The answer to this question is it depends on your choice and needs. A 12.5 tire means it is 12.5 inches wide on its recommended rim sizes.

However, a 12.5 “tire can fit in 8-13″ rims; among them, 9, 9.5, and 10” rim widths are more common and most used for their great performance.

Do OEM wheels have an advantage over aftermarket ones?  

Yes, OEM rims have an advantage over aftermarket rims. They feature design and durability testing, machining or casting procedure, and elegant finish quality.

In addition to outperforming 90% of the aftermarket rims, they also feature a conversion treatment approach, hardening technique, and aluminum alloy makeup.

Final Words of How Wide of a Rim for 12.5 Tires?

A perfect fit rim width plays an important role in improving your vehicle’s overall performance. Choosing the best fit rim width for your 12.5 tires is quite challenging.

We hope this resourceful guide helps you choose the right rim width for your 12.5 tires. Therefore, determining “how wide of a rim for 12.5 tires” is no longer a problem for you. 

Ensure you consider the main aspects we discussed earlier to have the perfect rim width for your 12.5 tires. Your 12.5 tires will fit on rims that are 8 to 13 inches wide.

An (MRW) measuring rim width is mostly used to determine standard section width. The tire will become narrower with a narrower rim and slightly fatter with a broader rim. 

A reasonable rule of practice states that the section width will change by about a quarter inch for each half-inch of rim width that is either bigger or smaller than the MRW. 

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