What Is Load Range C on Trailer Tires? (Checked)

Is tire load range giving you problems? You need not worry anymore because we are here to help you. Here in this article, we shall discuss the following topic: what is load range C on trailer tires? All other related aspects will be in this document.

Trailer tires come in various sizes and load ranges. The graduation begins from B to H, where load range B is the minimum while H is the highest.

Each tire range has a set of specifications for that particular class and is different from the other models. We shall concentrate on range C as we also refer to other models. Read through for more information.

summary of load range C trailer tire

What Is Load Range C on Trailer Tires

The following table will illustrate the specification of load range C trailer tire in a summary form. It touches on specific items about the product that you need to know at a glance.

Load capacity1,820 Pounds
Ply rating6-ply
Maximum speed65 mph
Maximum Psi50

What is load range C on trailer tires?

It indicates the carrying capacity of a tire. The tires belonging to this category can handle a load capacity of 1,820 pounds per tire. That means if your lorry has eight wheels, the combined weight will be 14,560 pounds. However, if it is on a single-axle trailer, both tires will support a load capacity of 3,640 pounds.

The weight can support anything the lorry has, including the engine, trailer itself, fuel, the boat, and everything in it. However, tires with higher load ranges, such as D, E, F, G, and H, supports more weight. The progression is alphabetical.

What is the ply rating on load range C tire?

The ply rating on a load range C tire is 6. It indicates the number of rubber layers a product has. They are normally inbuilt when the tire is under construction.

As the load range increases, so do the ply rating. The load range B tire has fewer plies as compared to C. On the other hand, the D model has more layers than C.

As the number of ply rating increases, the load capacity also corresponds. When considering buying a trailer tire, this is one of the factors to weigh.

Is load range C tire better than B?

Most tires are the same size, even if they belong to a different class. However, range C is better than B in the following aspects:

  • C tire has a higher carrying capacity than B.
  • B is the lightest classification, whereas C is higher, although they are the same size.
  • C minimizes transportation costs because it moves everything in one go. B might lack such capacity.
  • The maximum speed on load range C tires is 65 mph. B model also is at 65 mph.
  • C range tire has 6-ply ratings while B has 4. It is, therefore, ideal to state that range C tire is more durable than B.

After seeing the above characteristics, it is ideal to conclude that range C tire is better than B.

How much weight can a load range C tire carry?

Load range C tires support a weight of up to 1,820 pounds. On a single axle, that would be about 3,640 pounds. However, it should have a maximum pressure of 50 psi.

Please note that the weight is per tire and not the whole set. To calculate all the axles, multiply 1,820 by the number of tires installed.

What is the difference between load range C and D trailer tires?

There is not much difference between the two sets of tires, except for the similar size. However, the distinguishing features include the following:

  • Load range D tire supports more weight than C.
  • The ply rating of C is 6, while that of D is 8.
  • The maximum speed on C is 65 mph, while D is also at 65 mph.

What is the pressure capacity of the range load C tire?

It means the maximum amount of pressure that a tire can hold. The maximum pressure you can put in load range C tire is 50 psi. Other models have varying pressure capacities.

Each tire should have the same amount of pressure. Otherwise, the vehicle would not be stable. It would also be prone to accidents.

Benefits of using load range C trailer tires

There are several benefits of using this tire. They include:

  • It is a durable tire because it has several ply ratings
  • It is comfortable to use even when carrying a heavy load.
  • The tire has an excellent grip and is ideal for all types of roads.
  • Improved haulage capacity because it holds the heaviest load than load range C tire.
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Difference between load range vs. weight rating

The load range of a tire is in a letter that corresponds to the maximum pressure that it can hold. It indicates the heaviest load each tire can handle, usually in pounds. The maximum tire pressure is the highest you can inflate them. It is advisable not to exceed the set limit, as it will make the tire unstable and uncomfortable to haul luggage.

The weight rating is the maximum weight a tire can carry at a certain amount of pressure, for example, 50 psi. It indicates how much weight each tire can safely and comfortably support. You can find it stamped on the side wall after the word Max Load.

The units of measurement are in pounds (lb.) or kilograms (kg.). However, the most common rating is a number, usually between 71 and 110.

Difference between load range vs. load index

The load range of a tire is in letter form and corresponds to the maximum pressure it can hold. It shows the heaviest load each tire can handle, usually in pounds.

The load index is a more precise measurement method and focuses on construction. It indicates a tire’s carrying capacity when it inflates to maximum load-sustaining pressure.

The load index also explains more about the load range measurement by adding more specifics to the rating.

The load index is more specific than the load range and helps to answer the question: what is load range C on tire trailers?

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Frequently asked questions

What is a load range?

The load range is the heaviest load a tire can handle in pounds. It can carry a heavier weight if its tires have maximum pressure. Avoid filling the tire to the maximum because it can make the truck unstable and challenging to control.

What is the maximum load capacity on a load range C trailer tire?

The maximum load capacity a load range C trailer tire can hold is 1,820 pounds. On a single axle, that would be 3,640 pounds.

What is the expected useful life of a load range C trailer tire?

It depends on how you use the vehicle, the weight, and the pressure. If you drive it on good roads and keep it in excellent condition, it will serve you for at least four to five years.

However, if the conditions are not perfect, the tire will not last long and can be out of service in less than four years.

How much ply does load range C tire have?

The number of rubber layers or ply ratings a load range C tire has is 6. The C model is equivalent to a six-ply construction. The more rubber layers, the heavier load it can support, and vice versa.

However, the plan is to inflate the tire to 50 psi without exceeding the limit. The manufacturers do not advocate for that because it can cause damages.

Is load range C tire suitable for use in a trailer?

Yes. It is suitable for use in several types of trailers. A 14-inch diameter tire, with a pressure of 50 psi., can hold a maximum load of 1,820 pounds per tire.

What is the speed of a C-rated trailer tire?

Load range C trailer tire can achieve a maximum speed of 65 mph at a pressure of 50 psi. The tire also holds a maximum of 1,820 pounds of load per tire in such circumstances.

Sometimes, the speed can vary depending on the region and jurisdiction. It is advisable to confirm with your local authority before getting into trouble with the law. However, that does not change the speed rating on a tire. It is at 65 mph.


Now that you know the meaning of load range C on trailer tires, it is easy to choose whether to go for or to discard it. Trailer tires have the same size, from range B to H. However, a few things bring out the distinction.

They are the load range, ply rating, maximum pressure, speed, and usage. Some models are not suitable for use in a trailer. However, C applies to many vehicles, such as trucks and trailers. The amount of load it holds is also enormous.

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