How to Know Which Wheels Fit My Car?- (Solved)

As a car user, most of us face the same issue like, which wheels fit my car? For that we need to know the rim size, the vehicle type and more issues. So, it is necessary to find the proper vehicle model, rim type and more information to find which wheel will fit your car. 

The size of the wheel depends on many matters, it gives us extra hassle and we make wrong decisions. So, here we will solve the matter through a proper explanation. We will explain the process of learning how to find the proper wheel for our car here. 

Let’s make it clear which wheels fit my car. We will explain the query in easy words. 

How to find the actual wheel size of my Car?

How to Know Which Wheels Fit My Car

There are many factors that we need to know about our car, and then it is easy to find the wheel size. We generally do that through some common calculations and methods that we will share with you. 

For assessing the wheel size of your car, you have to know about the car, the model, the type, and the rim size. It may be a bit confusing but in the later step we are going to solve it. So, stay tuned. In the next step we are going to discuss all these matters as you can find the proper wheel size. 

Which things do you need to check for finding the wheel type?

There are several issues that help us to find the proper wheel size. Below we are going to discuss all the issues here to make the task possible for you. You can then easily choose the right wheel. Check the criterias below:

Make of vehicle

Which type of vehicle are you using? If that is a car then the wheel size can be easily from 15 inches to 16 inches, if that is a SUV type then the wheel size can be larger. The manufacturer company of the car will also help you to find the wheel type, you can check their website and manufacturer manual to find the wheel type there. 

Manufacturing Year

When you know that the car is made from which company then you will also need the manufacturing year. Generally year by year the wheel types are set to be the same. Also you can check the online car details where you can find the wheel type, where they mention the type for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021 separately. 


Wheel size also varies from model to model of car, if that is a salon car then the wheel will be conventionally 15 inches, but for coupe and other models the size can increase, the best option is to check the manufacturer’s manual for the wheel size. 

Rim Size

As we know the rim size is perfect for our wheels, we cannot put another size of wheel there. If the rim size is perfect for 16 inches then the wheel size is 16 too. So, the real rim measurement is the perfect fit for the wheel. 

Vehicle Type

We are here talking about cars and the conventional car wheels range from 15 to 16 inches. But there are variations too, in a few cases there are smaller and larger wheels too. In the case of customized wheels, there are larger wheels too; those are larger rims for prevention of accidents. 

Front or Rear Wheel

In few cases the front and rear wheel size is not the same, there are rare cases. But it is a conventional trend to use 15 inches wheels on the front and 16 inches on the rear wheel. 

Based on the above discussion we can now understand how we can find the wheel size of our car. So, you can follow these tactics here too. 

How to use a Fitment Calculator for my wheel?

Fitment calculator is a great solution to find the right size of wheel for your car. It is a mechanical calculator that will apply logic and math for your help, so let’s explain the matter here for easy understanding. 

Bold Pattern

In this process, we have to make an imaginary size of the tire with the center hole. Here we assess a size from the center hole and with that we guess a size of the half-size tire and then find the actual size. It is also called the lug pattern. 

Wheel Backspacing

It is easy to measure the wheel with this process, just count from the back side of the mounting pad and then measure until the back lip of the wheel. In this way, you can also find the size of the wheel.

Wheel Offset 

Getting the right rim size is a bit difficult, here we use a fitment calculator chart, this chart helps us find the right size. Here, the measurement is taken from the center of the rim up to the wall of the wheel. In this way, the width of the rim can be measured. Also it gives a calculated result for wheel size. For better understanding, you can try wheel size calculator and a wheel fitment calculator. 

Plus Sizing/ Up Sizing

With this concept we can find the proper size of a wheel, here we can guess the wheel size with the plus sizing concept. The concept is in reality that if the wheel size increases by one inch it is measured as plus one here. So, you can see the step by step changes with this concept. 

If we try to understand this through a chart then it will be easily understandable. Let’s make it easier then. Check the details here. 

SLCriteriaHow to understand?
1Tire SizeYou need to know the proper tire size from the vehicle type and rim size, then it is the best option to know the tire size. 
2Rim DiameterRim is the base for a wheel and it tells which size wheel actually we need. The rim diameter is very important here. 
3Section WidthAs we know with the section  width we can measure the rim and wheel size. So, it is easy to measure through the section width here.m 
4Sidewall heightWhen we know the sidewall size of a tire, we can easily measure the size of a wheel. 
5Overall DiameterThe overall diameter is the best solution here to know the actual wheel size here. So, it can give the perfect tip here. 
6Rim WidthWith the width of a wheel rim we can measure the real wheel size. You can try this out to find out the wheel size. 

We hope now you can easily find the wheel size from these criteria and can fit the right tire. For your easy understanding the above chart is explained in the easiest manner. 

Factors to consider when choosing new wheels for your car

To get the perfect wheels for your car, you need to go through some facts. Let us explain those here as you can be sure about these. 

  • Always know the rim size to get the perfect wheel for your car. 
  • Measure the wheel size from rim and section width. 
  • Rim diameter is very important to get the right size of tire. 
  • Always get the wheel based on your requirement on road, off road or for highway. 
  • For front wheel you need to get a smaller wheel
  • For rear wheel you will need a bigger wheel
  • For off road driving, you need rough tires. 

Hope this will help you out from the confusions and you can choose your wheel wisely. 

Exploring different wheel materials and finishes

While choosing the wheels for your car, you need to care for both materials and finishes. Here you need to go deep for the best product. If you are taking a wheel for your highway run, then you need a wheel for flat roads where it should have less grip and smooth control. 

For an off road driving requirement you have to find a better grip wheel that will have higher sidewalls and deeper edges. This wheel will give you better experience in mountain areas and off road. So, you have to decide and get the perfect match for your vehicle. 

Common mistakes to avoid when selecting new wheels for your car

We make mistakes when we try to get the right wheel, so we will here discuss some facts that we need to be focused on to avoid any mistakes. Let’s mark them for you:

  • We have less knowledge about rim and tire adjustment issues. 
  • We mistakenly take off road wheels for a long highway drive. 
  • We do not get the tire with perfect sidewalls. 
  • Rim size is a major issue, so we need to find the right match. 
  • We generally buy cheap tires that are not safe for us. 

So, if we keep the above issues in mind then we can avoid our mistakes easily and get a good wheel that will last for years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use larger or smaller wheels than your car came with?

Yes, we can use larger or smaller wheels. If you need a better speed and off road experience then a larger wheel will suit, and a smaller wheel can be a short range regular drive choice. 

Is it OK to put bigger wheels on your car?

Yes, you can do that when you have some off-road drives. With a larger wheel you can have better performance on mountain roads and can also cruise at better speed. 

Can I run different size rims on my car?

That is not a tough thing to maintain, generally we can use smaller rim on front wheel and larger rim on rear wheel. Here we can use customized size rims on our car easily. 

Conclusion of Which Wheels Fit My Car?

We have been discussing which wheels fit my car. and now we know the answer. Similarly, if you ask, what size wheels fit my truck then you can find the perfect match here from this same article. So, use the solution in your case. 

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