185 65r15 vs 195 65r15 Tire Size: Table of Comparison

Car tires come in several sizes and classes, with each model bearing a different characteristic from the other. As a consumer, this can be so challenging and may even cause one to make a wrong decision.

However, this should not make you worry or feel inferior because the 185 65r15 vs 195 65r15 tire size article will expound more on these tires.

In this article, we will compare these two types of tires, look at the various components, and see the difference between them. The findings should help the user select the best model for their car without much effort. Please read through for more information.

What is 185 65r15 tire?

It is a number that indicates the width of the tire, and that is 185mm. The tire fits a rim or wheel size with a diameter of 15 inches. Number 65 means the tire has an aspect ratio of 65%. R stand for radial construction, which indicates the type of material used in making the tire.

The meaning of 195 65r15

In the above case, 195 means the width of the tire is 195 millimeters. It fits the wheels or rims that are 15 inches in diameter. The tire size fits the rims or wheels measuring 15 inches in diameter.

Number 65 means the tire has an aspect ratio of 65%. R stand for radial construction, which indicates the type of material used in making the tire.

The comparison table of 185/65r15 vs 195/65r15 Tire Size

185 65r15 vs 195 65r15 Tire Size

Features 185 65r15 Tire195 65r15 Tire
Rim width15 inches15 inches
Revolutions per minute827807
Ply Ratings44
The load rating1,235 pounds1,356 pounds
Overall Diameter24.47 mm24.95 mm
Speed rating210 kph210 kph
Sidewall lettersAs per the manufacturerAs per the manufacturer
Weight rating560 kgs615 kgs
Sidewall Height621.5 mm634.5 mm
The tire width7.28 inches7.68 inches
Construction typeRadialRadial
The circumference76.87 inches78.48 inches
Wheel size15 inches15 inches
The section width185 millimeters195 millimeters

What is the rim width of 185 65r15 and 195 65r15 tires?

185 65r15 is narrower than 195 65r15 by about 10mm. However, their diameters are the same. Both tires can be used interchangeably because they can fit on a 15-inch diameter rim.

The difference between the rim width of the two tires is zero. However, you can differentiate the two by the size of the tire. If you take the measurements of the two tires from the ID, it would be 15 inches. However, it would be 16.5 inches from the OD.

The revolutions per minute of the two tires.

It refers to the number of revolutions a tire would make in a certain distance within a time range. It can either be in miles or kilometers. 185 65r15 tires make 827 revolutions per minute, while 195 65r15 covers 807 RPMs within the same time range.

The difference between the two is 20 revolutions per minute. The RPMs can be best achieved when the tire is inflated to the desired PSI rating and the appropriate amount of load is on the vehicle.

What is the difference on ply ratings between the two tires?

The ply ratings indicate the number of rubber layers inside the tire. The higher the number, the stronger the tire. A tire with more ply ratings can support more weight than one with few.

Each tire has a class into which it falls. These classes begin from B to H. The difference in ply ratings between the subsequent classes of tires is 2.

Class B has two, while C has 4, and D has 6. The ratings increase as you scale through the class ladder. The ply rating of 185 65r15 is 4, while that of 195 65r15 is also 4.

The load rating between 185 65r15 vs 195 65r15 tire size.

The load rating refers to the amount of weight a tire can hold with the right amount of pressure. The load index of 185 65r15 tire is 88 and supports a maximum weight of 1,235 pounds at 36 psi. per tire.

The load index of 195 65r15 tire is 91 and supports a maximum weight of 1,356 pounds at 36 psi per tire.

What is the difference in the overall diameter between the two?

The overall diameter refers to the length of the tire or a wheel from one edge to another through the center. It differs from the size of the tire.

The overall diameter of 185 65r15 is 24.47mm, while that of 195 65r15 is 24.95mm. The difference in size between the two is 0.47mm. Bigger tires have a wide overall diameter than smaller ones.

What is the speed rating of 185 65r15 and 195 65r15 tires and their differences?

The speed rating refers to the maximum or top speed a tire can achieve while having a load in it. Such loads include cargo, passengers, fuel, and of the car itself.

The speed rating of both tires is 210 kph, with the difference between them being 0 kph. It is advisable to drive at top speeds only when on clean roads and with less traffic.

The sidewall letters of each model.

On every tire’s sidewall, there are writings. They are decorative but have a purpose. These writings do differ from one tire to the other. However, they carry information that is uniform across all the tires.

All manufacturers have a different method of presenting this information on the sidewall of a tire. It might not be possible to find uniform writing on these products.

However, you will get to know everything about the product by reading this information. They include tire size, weight capacity, load rating, pressure rating, rim size, and other information.

What is the weight rating of each tire?

You can always obtain this information from the sidewall of a tire. On looking through, you will see the word “Max Load” which can be given in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs.).

A 185 65r15 tire has a load or weight index of 88, supporting a maximum weight of 560 kilograms per tire. A 195 65r15 has a load index of 91 and supports a maximum weight of 615 kilograms per tire.

What is the sidewall height of both tires? Which one is higher?

The sidewall height refers to the length of the tire from the rim to the highest point. They differ from one tire to the other depending on the class and size of the tire.

The sidewall height of the 185 65r15 tire is 621.5mm, while that of the 195 65r15 is 634.5mm. The difference between the two tires is 13 mm.

What is the difference in tire width between the two?

It refers to the measurement of the tire from one sidewall to the other. A car’s passenger tires’ width can be indicated as “P255”. It means the nominal width of the tire is 225 millimeters.

The tire width of 185 65r15 is 7.28 inches, while that of 195 65r15 is 7.68 inches. The difference between the two is 0.39 inches.

What is the construction type of 185 65r15 and 195 65r15?

It refers to the material used in making the tire. The common types are radial and cross-ply. Most car tires use a radial model of construction. The 185 65r15 tire is a radial type with an approximate weight of 12 kg.

On the other hand, the 195 65r15 tire is also a radial model. Radial means the tire is made with plies that run perpendicular to the travel direction.

The difference in circumference between the two

The circumference refers to the distance around the tire from one point to the other along the edges. 185 65r15 has a circumference of 76.87 inches, while 195 65r15 has 78.48 inches.

The difference in circumference between the two is 1.61 inches. 195 65r15 has a slightly larger diameter than the 185 65r15.

What is the wheel size of 185 65r15 and 195 65r15?

It refers to the entire size of the tire’s wheel. In many cases, the two types of tires fit the same rim. The rim size does not affect the fuel economy, and it is purely aesthetic.

The wheel size of the two tires is 15 inches, meaning you can use the two tires interchangeably.

The difference in the section width between the two tires

The section width is not similar for the two tires. One is larger than the other. A 185 65r15 tire has a section width of 185 millimeters, while that of a 195 65r15 is 195 millimeters.

195 65r15 is slightly larger than the 185 65r15 by about 10 millimeters. If you intend to install the tire of your choice to the car, now you know.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is better between 185 65r15 and 195 65r15?

These tires bear almost similar characteristics. They fit the same size as a rim. However, it is easy to spot their differences and to determine the most superior of the two.

While they possess a similar diameter, the 195 65r15 is bigger and better than the 185 65r15 model. If you are to select between the two tires, I would advise you to pick the bigger model because it also has a higher weight rating.

What is the relationship between tire size and acceleration?

If you increase the total wheel diameter, it also increases the final reduction ratio. The consequences of this are two, and they are:

 Decrease in acceleration potential. Quick achievement of top speeds. These changes occur naturally and are directly proportional to the variation in the wheel size.

Does the rim size affect comfort and quality of drive?

Yes, there is a significant impact on ride quality concerning wheel size. The quality of drive varies to a great extent depending on the size of the wheel.

The size of the tire also affects the handling and the noise level while on the road. However, the driver’s preference should come into play when choosing the right tire to fit the car.

What is the acceptable difference when changing from one tire to another?

When changing from one tire to another, there is always an inelastic allowable limit for adherence. It is also okay to have different tire sizes on your car, but much depends on the allowable limit.

It is always recommended to choose a tire size that does not exceed a difference of more than three percent difference with an old one. If it is more or less than three percent, the vehicle would not be stable on the road2

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185 65r15 vs 195 65r15 article talks a lot to the benefit of the reader and consumer about the two tires. Now that you are aware of their characteristics and differences, it should be easy to select the best between the two.

As a rule, a bigger tire is always better than a smaller one because it can handle more weight with a lot of ease. Good luck as you choose the right one to buy.

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