What Is Load Range F Trailer Tires – Explained

Load range F trailer tires are some of the best products for use in heavy commercial vehicles. However, trailer tires are similar in all aspects in terms of size. The differentiating factor in most cases is the ply ratings, speed, pressure, and load rating.

Do you experience challenges when selecting the type of trailer tire you want? That is the case with most people. However, we are here to help you make the best selection by bringing all the information about load range F trailer tires.

The article is rich with data about this product and also a comparison with other tires. Walk through with us for more information.

Quick Summary Table of Load Range F Trailer Tires

Load Range F Trailer Tires

The table below shows a quick summary of the load range F trailer tires. It captures the critical points that require close attention, especially when you do not have enough time to read through the manual.

1.Maximum weight3,960 pounds per tire
2.Maximum pressure95 psi
3.Speed rating65 mph.
4.Ply ratings12

The definition of load range F trailer tire

As the name says, it is a trailer tire that can handle heavy loads. It can hold 3,960 pounds of load per tire at a maximum pressure of 95 psi.

The tires should but must not have the maximum pressure or psi rating indicated on the tire sidewall. Less tire pressure will cause the sidewall to build up more heat and make it fail.

Aside from that, it will also not allow the tire to hold the maximum recommended weight. It will also cause the rims to collapse under the heavy load or even bend.

The load rating of range F trailer tire

Load range F trailer tire is capable of holding heavy luggage. The recommended weight is 3,960 pounds per tire. The tires should have a maximum pressure of 95 psi to carry such a weight.

Maximum pressure can sometimes be the cause of problems when driving the trailer. It produces a lot of vibrations that can make the truck unstable when driving down the road. Whenever possible, avoid over-inflating the tire, especially when the road ahead is bumpy.

If a lorry has six-dual tires, the weight capacity would be 3,960 multiplied by twelve to bring a total weight of 47,520 pounds.

The pressure rating of range F trailer tire

Each load range F trailer tire should have a maximum pressure of 95 psi to accommodate a load of 3,950 pounds per piece.

As a general rule, too much pressure in the tire can make driving dangerous and uncomfortable. Less tire pressure will cause the tires to be unable to carry the maximum recommended load capacity. It is, therefore, ideal to ensure that pressure ranges between 93 to 95 psi, not less and not more.

The pressure rating is on the sidewall. You can always refer to it before filling the tube with air.

The ply rating of load range F trailer tire

The number of rubber layers in the load range E trailer tires is 12. When you look at the sidewall, you will notice that it is 12-ply writing.

These numbers increase as you progress up the trailer tire range and decrease as you move downwards.

A tire with more ply ratings can hold more weight than one with less.

Ply ratings provide a perfect grip to the tire so it can move on the road without sideway maneuvers. The lorry and its luggage would move smoothly without shaking as you drive down the road.

The speed rating of load range F trailer tire

The speed rating is the maximum speed a trailer can achieve when hauling heavy loads. The load range F trailer tire is no exception to this rule.

The maximum speed rating of a trailer tire is 65 mph. Whenever it is empty, it can move faster than this preset speed.

It is also easy to achieve this speed on a flat tarmac road. When driving on rough and bumpy roads, it is challenging to attain the maximum speed. It is not advisable to drive your vehicle at such high speeds, as there is a tendency to lose control and get involved in accidents.

Merits of using load range F trailer tire

Many advantages accrue from having this tire on your trailer. Among them are the following:

  • It allows for the hauling of more and heavier loads than its predecessors like B, C, D, and E trailer tires.
  • It has a high carrying capacity of 3,960 pounds per tire, meaning it can move a lot of luggage in one trip. The tire, therefore, minimizes production and transportation charges.
  • It has a high-pressure rating that provides enough space to hold an adequate amount of luggage.
  • The high-speed rating allows for the movement of products between two places in a relatively short time.
  • The tire has a long life, and with excellent care, it can serve you for up to four to six years without any problem.

The distinguishing features of load range F trailer tire

While the trailer tires are similar in size and dimensions across all the class ranges, a few specifications set them apart. Here are the distinguishing features of the load range F trailer tire relative to the load range E trailer tire.

The ply ratings.

While E has 10, F has 12 plies, making it superior to its counterpart.

The weight rating.

F-trailer tires hold more load, at 3,960 pounds per tire, which is more than E’s 1520 pounds per tire. The high number of plies also provides longer life to a tire than the one with few.

The pressure capacity.

Load range E trailer tires support a maximum pressure capacity of 80 psi, which is way lower than F’s 95 psi. A higher capability allows for the hauling of an enormous volume of luggage. As a rule, do not inflate the tire to maximum psi for stability and comfort while driving. It causes a lot of vibrations on the road that can damage the vehicle.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I use the load range F trailer tire on a car?

No. It is not possible, nor recommended to use a trailer tire on a car. They are for heavy commercial vehicles because they can support super-heavy loads. A car can use smaller ranges of trailer tires like B and C, but not F.

Can I mix load range F tire with others in a trailer?

It is possible temporarily, but it is not healthy for your trailer. You can mix, but it is not advisable to use it for long, as the lower-rated tires tend to overheat. The lower-rated tires can handle the light load.

Load range F tire, on the other hand, is for quite heavy luggage. When you exert a lot of weight on the lower tires, they will overheat fast. The higher-rated tires might not have many problems, but it is not wise to keep the mixture for a long.

How many load range F tires does a trailer use at once?

On average, a trailer can use up to 18 tires at once. However, four of the twenty tires are at the front. However, the trailer part has twelve tires at the rear side and four in the middle.

Trailer tire load range F can carry 3,950 pounds of load per tire. A six-tire trailer on a triple axle will move 23,700 pounds in total.

Where possible, you should always invest in a tire with high ratings. It is costly, but the benefits outweigh the purchase costs

How long can a load range F trailer last?

It depends on how you use the tire and the amount of load you place on it. The nature of the roads is also another determining factor. On average, a trailer tire should serve you for more than four years without any problem.

Factors like rust, dust, and water can harm the tire, hence the need to protect it. Sharp objects, bumpy roads, overloading, and overheating can damage the tire fast. Low pressure can also lead to massive losses in the short run

Are F-rated trailer tires ideal for towing?

Yes, the F-rated trailer tires are ideal for towing. They can handle the most weight in the category of trailer tires. A tire with 10-ply ratings or more is ideal for towing. F has 12 plies making it ready a-to-tow tire.

Towing a tire with less than 10-plies will cause it to degrade faster, making the lorry to be unstable when driving. Such vehicles can break down easily or lose the luggage that it is carrying.


Load range F trailer tires are some of the best models for heavy commercial vehicles, as they can move heavy loads in one go. These tires have a lot of ply ratings and pressure capacity to haul enormous cargo. The tires are ideal for towing, reducing transportation expenses.

If you want to invest in trailer tires, these are some of the products to consider. They are long-lasting and can withstand large volumes of cargo. The tires have a speed rating of 65 mph, making them one of the fast products for your trailer.

Finally, feel free to share this article with your friends and family so they can also pick one or two lessons about trailer tires load range F.

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